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how to replace and change rotors in a 1998 Cutlass Supreme

Using gas pedal chokes the engine.
fuel pressure is 40/35, on/run. Vacuum is 12", spark good
What do I do next.

well the car does not want to run when put in gear or when you back up it will run while it is sitting still

the car starts and idles fine when put into gear it loses all gauges and check engine light comes on and runs rough

when first starting the car it runs fine when parked for about and hr and restarted it runs fine until vehicle comes to a stop ,and engine stops running i have to wait for about 1/2 hr to 1hr and the engine starts back up and will run fine for the rest of the day ,fuel system has been checked and is good no problems with the fuel pump .

I need to add fluid to top motor. Do I use power sreeting fluid?

at a cold start engine overheats and overflow tank gets pretty full. shut the engine off for 5 mins then restart, temp back to norm and overflow tank begins to drop. did a restart 3 hrs later and all was normal

Hello I have a 97 cutlass supreme with a bad oil leak some where near the starter. It looks like it coming from beneath the starter, any ideas?? Oh it only really leaks when started and fast, not filter head gasket. Help!!!

what makes this problem most fusterating is that it is random. weather humidity nothing seems to make it happen it just does it randomly when i turn the ign, key the fuel pump realy will sometimes chatter and cause a no start condition. the fuel pump stops working then a cup of coffee and some choice words later the chattering stops and the car will start and run normaly i'm not likeing the idea of replaceing the fuel pump as a prosses of elimination you know why. not a fun job. oh i have checked the relay with another one that i know works so that isnt the problem..
please can someone throw me a bone here. also it doesnt matter if the engine is hot or cold but it doesnt seem to happen as often after its been running

why are the volumes control on the steering wheel feels warm

am i putting in the right gas in it by using 87 than 89 or 93

my transmission coolant line hose broke off from metal piece that holds and clips is the hose on the left side if you were facing the car

firing order

My 1992 olds cutlas supreme quit and won't start, I think I smell gas so I think its getting gas.

On my 94 olds cutlass the door locks always work but sometimes you open the door and the doors lock or close the door and the doors lock without a key in the ignition.its like the locks have a mind of their own.Anyone else ever have this problem?

I pull one of tha spark plug wires and tryed to crank it and I put the spark plug wires back and it didn't wonna crank no more

had radiator change now car runs hot and add water daily had checked said have internal damage now changed intake gasket now no compression except on number 1 and 6 cylinders before change was 150 on all

I'm installing an aftermarket fuel gauge, as I can't find the factory fuel gag for a 1983 cutlass supreme. What are the colors of the wires that power the factory fuel gauge?

2 months ago it began putting and stalling so i added dry gas. Sinse then I`ve replaced the fuel filter,fuel pump,catalitic converter,prom,computer,transmission sensor,ignition module,and had a tune-up.What`s left?

I checked all fuses. Getting power to relay.

i have to spray to starter spray to get it to start it runs ok just won't start by its self

no engine light,have changed these parts in the last 3-4 months:spark plugs/wires-tps
iac-fuel pump/filter-thermostat(was stuck on closed got lucky and caught it when car seemed hotter than normal).
and throttle body gasket(shop did that)And Battery and the bolts for Battery car runs good
but now its hard to start.turns over,takes 1-3 trys to start then runs ok,Tries to die when i push on the gas from a complete stop,it starts to go a cuts out like a half second and then it goes fine.Its like a half second stall then speeds up.Dies on rare occasions when i hit the gas before i changed iac(also at stop)Anyways any ideas?

I have a water leak at the back of the engine what could it be ?

we have replaced the water pump,both relays,thermostat, and sensor by the motor,and checked fuses, but both the continual fan and the a/c fan are not working,causing overheating...low coolant light blinks intermitantly...what else could it be that keeps the fans from running?

I have a 97 cutlass supreme with the three switch a/c type and need to find where i can purchase replacement knobs

Does a bad fuel pump cause my 1994 Oldsmobile to hesitate

I just put 2 new head gaskets in my Oldsmobile cutlass supreme and got the car to run, my problem is that now it idles very fast and doesn't want to stop, also when I put the car in drive it wants to move only 6 mph, what problems might I be having that I need to resolve?

Where are the freeze plugs located on a 1997 oldsmobile cutlass supreme 3.1 liter

I was leaving and while backing up started to bog down like out of gas. put gas in it right before got home. Got in the road and it died. pushed to curb and haven't been able to get started since. will turn over but won't start. Replaced the fuel relay and checked filter and looks fine. would there be any kind of button i would need to reset or would it be my fuel pump.

Car just started running rough, run good for about 15 miles stopped at a light started idling rough then on take off it really run rough.