am i putting in the right gas in it by using 87 than 89 or 93

my transmission coolant line hose broke off from metal piece that holds and clips in.it is the hose on the left side if you were facing the car

firing order

My 1992 olds cutlas supreme quit and won't start, I think I smell gas so I think its getting gas.

On my 94 olds cutlass the door locks always work but sometimes you open the door and the doors lock or close the door and the doors lock without a key in the ignition.its like the locks have a mind of their own.Anyone else ever have this problem?

I pull one of tha spark plug wires and tryed to crank it and I put the spark plug wires back and it didn't wonna crank no more

had radiator change now car runs hot and add water daily had checked said have internal damage now changed intake gasket now no compression except on number 1 and 6 cylinders before change was 150 on all

I'm installing an aftermarket fuel gauge, as I can't find the factory fuel gag for a 1983 cutlass supreme. What are the colors of the wires that power the factory fuel gauge?

2 months ago it began putting and stalling so i added dry gas. Sinse then I`ve replaced the fuel filter,fuel pump,catalitic converter,prom,computer,transmission sensor,ignition module,and had a tune-up.What`s left?

I checked all fuses. Getting power to relay.

i have to spray to starter spray to get it to start it runs ok just won't start by its self

no engine light,have changed these parts in the last 3-4 months:spark plugs/wires-tps
iac-fuel pump/filter-thermostat(was stuck on closed got lucky and caught it when car seemed hotter than normal).
and throttle body gasket(shop did that)And Battery and the bolts for Battery cables.now car runs good
but now its hard to start.turns over,takes 1-3 trys to start then runs ok,Tries to die when i push on the gas from a complete stop,it starts to go a cuts out like a half second and then it goes fine.Its like a half second stall then speeds up.Dies on rare occasions when i hit the gas before i changed iac(also at stop)Anyways any ideas?

I have a water leak at the back of the engine what could it be ?

we have replaced the water pump,both relays,thermostat, and sensor by the motor,and checked fuses, but both the continual fan and the a/c fan are not working,causing overheating...low coolant light blinks intermitantly...what else could it be that keeps the fans from running?

I have a 97 cutlass supreme with the three switch a/c type and need to find where i can purchase replacement knobs

Does a bad fuel pump cause my 1994 Oldsmobile to hesitate

I just put 2 new head gaskets in my Oldsmobile cutlass supreme and got the car to run, my problem is that now it idles very fast and doesn't want to stop, also when I put the car in drive it wants to move only 6 mph, what problems might I be having that I need to resolve?

Where are the freeze plugs located on a 1997 oldsmobile cutlass supreme 3.1 liter

I was leaving and while backing up started to bog down like out of gas. put gas in it right before got home. Got in the road and it died. pushed to curb and haven't been able to get started since. will turn over but won't start. Replaced the fuel relay and checked filter and looks fine. would there be any kind of button i would need to reset or would it be my fuel pump.

Car just started running rough, run good for about 15 miles stopped at a light started idling rough then on take off it really run rough.

The "low coolant" light keeps popping on when I had already added 3 gallons of coolant. There is no obvious leaks underneath the car either. Also, the engine sounds like it is knocking pretty hard and it stalls when I pick up speed when driving it. I was adviced that the carburetor may need cleaning. I have the cleaner in hand, but I looked into the car's manual and it's not telling me where the carburetor is located. My questions are, where is the carburetor located underneath the hood and is there any other help and tips for this "low coolant" light issue?

how do I get the diagnostic code?

my 3rd break light in the rear window works and my tail lights and turn signals all work. so if its not the fuse than what else should i look at? and is this an easy and not a very costly fix? plz help me!!!

when i start my 1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme is makes a winding sound from what seems to be the belt area. my A/C hasn't worked in 2 months or so. And my car won't shift until about 4k rmp's. but once it heats up it acts fine but the noise just get's quieter. don't tell me it's the A/C compressor that would be $500 to fix! i just fixed a head gasket, thermometer, water pump....want an easy fix! driving me crazy

My car has a loss of power, especially on inclines, gas mileage is greatly reduced and now it is running super hot but not overheating. It had a service engine soon light for about 30 seconds but that is it. Not sure if that is the same as a check engine light as I do not have the book and bought this car used. Radiator was replaced the day we bought the car.

its actually a 1980 model olds cutlass supremecar hard to start but will, after it runs for awhile (10 - 20 miles) shuts off, feels like its not gettin gas. changed filter and pump works great, any ideas???

idling fluchuates up and down

gasoline is flowing out of throttle body into the air filter box..engine won't run

car is not getting gas did not start one day.. sat for 3 days started right back up. ran for 4 days now will not start again. It acts like it is not getting fuel. new fuel pump was put on last year. It seems like it is not getting gas to the injectors

Just purchased this car recently, has about 170,000 miles on it, no problems other than the security light coming on and not starting for a short period of time, that is resolved. Now it will not climb hills, goes about 25 mph tops over any incline of any size, doesn't stall, you turn it off and it starts back up without any problems, around town and on the freeway it runs great, again as long as you are not climbing, even coming up onto the freeway entrance it has a little hesitation, not sure what to check