Leak coming from under the right side of my engine and it's pretty big leak took it in to get looked up at they said it was the power steering what else could be involved is it a hose that needs to be replaced or something else?

The knocking just started recently in the rear passenger-side wheel area and I am wondering if it is the bearings or something else. It knocks when at low-medium speed.

cant find where the pcv valve is located on 3.1 v 6 92 olds

car will start idle is eratic,up and down then dies

the said 22

motor is a 3.1 v 6

steering came unhooked when fixing powersteering hose

barly starts and stauls rite out.replaced pump & sock filter.still the same.could a gas cap be the prob

having a probelm founding a toruqe rod,right side.Seems this part is no where to be found.Where can I get this part

will resetting the timing keep the check engine light from coming on?The egr,iac have been replaced?

Is there a fuse for the check engine light and if so were?Also will unpluging the wire that goes to the low coolet sensor hurt anything?Will driving with the check engine lights on hurt?

This part have already been replaced,along with the EGR

Had my low coolet sensor replaced cause I got fed up with the light comes on,but it's full of coolet.But after it was replaced,it's back on why? Could it be a bad part,or the wiring?

had the codes pulled and it said to replace egr,IDC.Lasted two weeks and the light came back.It now comes on when it's idling.It is reving high.

will a 2000 alera 3.1 fit a 1997 cuttless 3.1 both have aut trans

Yesterday I noticed that the drivers side floorboard was soaked through with water. I could not find where it was coming from but it is only on that one side. What do ya'll think is up? Air conditioner is working fine.

is there more than one fuel filter

where is the fuel presure reliefe valve and how do you check it

wont restart when hot

When I turn the ignition switch the car just makes a click sound and won't engage, battery is charged.

how to replace and change rotors in a 1998 Cutlass Supreme

Using gas pedal chokes the engine.
fuel pressure is 40/35, on/run. Vacuum is 12", spark good
What do I do next.

well the car does not want to run when put in gear or when you back up it will run while it is sitting still

the car starts and idles fine when put into gear it loses all gauges and check engine light comes on and runs rough

when first starting the car it runs fine when parked for about and hr and restarted it runs fine until vehicle comes to a stop ,and engine stops running i have to wait for about 1/2 hr to 1hr and the engine starts back up and will run fine for the rest of the day ,fuel system has been checked and is good no problems with the fuel pump .

I need to add fluid to top motor. Do I use power sreeting fluid?

at a cold start engine overheats and overflow tank gets pretty full. shut the engine off for 5 mins then restart, temp back to norm and overflow tank begins to drop. did a restart 3 hrs later and all was normal

Hello I have a 97 cutlass supreme with a bad oil leak some where near the starter. It looks like it coming from beneath the starter, any ideas?? Oh it only really leaks when started and fast, not filter head gasket. Help!!!

what makes this problem most fusterating is that it is random. weather humidity nothing seems to make it happen it just does it randomly when i turn the ign, key the fuel pump realy will sometimes chatter and cause a no start condition. the fuel pump stops working then a cup of coffee and some choice words later the chattering stops and the car will start and run normaly i'm not likeing the idea of replaceing the fuel pump as a prosses of elimination you know why. not a fun job. oh i have checked the relay with another one that i know works so that isnt the problem..
please can someone throw me a bone here. also it doesnt matter if the engine is hot or cold but it doesnt seem to happen as often after its been running

why are the volumes control on the steering wheel feels warm