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We have changed the spark plugs, changed the oil and all fluids are full and the car is running well and i am concerned that there is something else that I haven't thought of. The Service Engine Soon light IS the chec...
I replaced the spark plugs,ignition coils,battery,thermostat but it cuts off still could it be the fuel pump?
I changed the fuse since there on the same one. No change. Someone mentioned that there is an ABS/relay that also controls both features.
it had been doing this for months then the other day we drove approx 49 miles from home and it wouldnt restart got it home and its running fine again.any suggestions
It happened just once but fuses are all good could it be a relay?
When I go to start my car for the first time of the day it runs louder. But later on in the day it is not as loud. My mom has been on my case about it being loud and I have never been told there is anything majorly wr...
replaced ignition module car started ran for a day and died no fire replaced ignition module and all 3 coils still no fire
Leaks trans fluid to the tune of a full bottle every other day or it won't go into gear. Sometimes it slips out of gear when you stop and take off, as when taking off from a signal
every evening around dusk when the night sensor activates to turn on the dashboard and tail lights it blows a fuse, i have replaced the fuse the last four nights with the same results each night. i have disabled the ...
Immediately after the wash, the car ran as if it had a misfiring cylinder or maybe even dirty fuel/water in the fuel. This problem worked itself out within a few miles of driving and I thought nothing more of it. That...
1992 ciera both battery and starter checked they are good but it wont start now i thought it was cold weather but it wont do anything not even turn over. it was having a hard time starting before this but always start...
All fuses are good cant find relay box on this car it's not under hood
How much will it cost to get a windshields wiper motor on and the wipers n
car will also stall out when it reaches a quarter tank
stall and run like hell and dies put in a new iac run good for about 2days then started all over help
car warms up stalls in middle goin 45 35 whatever just clunks out battery good alt good plug wires good fuel stuff good ?/
My car has been parked a month or row. It is running and smoking really bad . The code that showed up was a quad driver module circuit , was told that was the ECM computer would like any info possibly. Thank you for y...
had module checked checked good not tcc problem unpluged it still does same has o2 code and vss code also has ehauste leak any ideas