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The cruise control and anti lock brakes went out at the same time. Changed the fuse that both were on. it didn't solve the problem.
Car runs great when dies battery is dead put in other batery will start till it drains dead
For a while the windows were working intermittently. Now they have stopped entirely. I replaced the circuit breakers and that didn't fix it. At that point I thought it was the master switch. I have ohmed out the m...
doesnt give a code. Does it more often now then it did last week. Dont want to drive it.
This does not happen every time but seemingly it happens randomly and definitkey after sitting all night
I own a 1996 oldsmobile cutlass ciera. I push the brake and the only one working is the top one not the 2 back ones. I checked the fuse panel in the jocky box. I checked under the hood and 2 fuses are lose is that the...
...when the other dashboard lights are on ? I replaced the bulb in the ashtray thinking that would do it but it didn't. I also checked the fuse marked M and it was fine. Do they light up ?
We put gas into the car and replaced the spark plugs. Then the car wouldn't start until we used starter fluid. We can smell gas but it won't stay running. CONFUSED HELP PLEASE
no power at driver control. I've checked fuses. is there a relay or module to check? driver switch won't roll down any windows,rear will work when worked at rear passenger control
car starts fine after driving about 15 minutes car dies won't restart for about 25 minutes
Prior to it not starting while driving the car acted like the fuel pump was takin a crap. So I checked fuel pressure was none so I didn't do more checking. And jus put a new pump screen filter. Car still wont start ho...
Changed everything I could in dealing with this problem . Car run perfect at an idle , once n gear it will shut off. Put in new fuel pump and filter no good results . Was told that the fuel pump might not be putting o...
While driving every now and then the tranny wont switch gears. Itll start whining until i let off gas.
My car will not start it will just turn over I have checked the crank fuse the relays its getting fuel to the fuel rail
Manifold gasket leak was noticed a year ago. But, no water leak until now. Motor did't overheat. Heater won't turn on.
Cooling system was 1 gallon low, now filled up. Blower was automatically turned off. Now it is on again.
has 3.1 engine shift through all gears goes to overdrive at about 45mph and the out of overdrive at about 50mph. Cleared ecu now it hold overdrive up to about 55 mph.If I turn key completely off restart that cycle sta...
I tried to jump it off but it does not start and battery goes dead as soon as the jumper cables are off. What could be the problem?????
will hardly pull itself up a grade more than 30mph .had same problem this spring , replaced tps and mafs no help, new plugs n wires , checked fuel pres. ok replaced coil module that seem to fix it,. for a few months...
lost power the more throttle I give the more it skips change fuel filter it ran better removed injectors and clean tested reinstalled no better check engine light comes on when pulling a hill wont go over 25 mph on hi...