We have changed the spark plugs, changed the oil and all fluids are full and the car is running well and i am concerned that there is something else that I haven't thought of. The Service Engine Soon light IS the check engine light for this car. Just a little bit more info

I replaced the spark plugs,ignition coils,battery,thermostat but it cuts off still could it be the fuel pump?

The cruise control and anti lock brakes went out at the same time. Changed the fuse that both were on. it didn't solve the problem.

I changed the fuse since there on the same one. No change. Someone mentioned that there is an ABS/relay that also controls both features.

Car runs great when dies battery is dead put in other batery will start till it drains dead

idles but no gas pedel in gear

it had been doing this for months then the other day we drove approx 49 miles from home and it wouldnt restart got it home and its running fine again.any suggestions

For a while the windows were working intermittently. Now they have stopped entirely. I replaced the circuit breakers and that didn't fix it. At that point I thought it was the master switch. I have ohmed out the master switch and cleaned the contacts and it works fine. I checked continuity on the wiring and nothing is broken. When I checked the voltage it seemed really low. I then checked the voltage on the terminals for the circuit breaker and I'm getting less than one volt. The breakers are rated at 12v so I'm assuming this is the problem but I don't know where to go from here. Any help would be really useful, it's getting hot and windows are becoming essential.

It happened just once but fuses are all good could it be a relay?

doesnt give a code. Does it more often now then it did last week. Dont want to drive it.

This does not happen every time but seemingly it happens randomly and definitkey after sitting all night

When I go to start my car for the first time of the day it runs louder. But later on in the day it is not as loud. My mom has been on my case about it being loud and I have never been told there is anything majorly wrong with the engine.can someone please help me

replaced ignition module car started ran for a day and died no fire replaced ignition module and all 3 coils still no fire

I own a 1996 oldsmobile cutlass ciera. I push the brake and the only one working is the top one not the 2 back ones. I checked the fuse panel in the jocky box. I checked under the hood and 2 fuses are lose is that the problem?

Leaks trans fluid to the tune of a full bottle every other day or it won't go into gear.
Sometimes it slips out of gear when you stop and take off, as when taking off from a signal

every evening around dusk when the night sensor activates to turn on the dashboard and tail lights it blows a fuse, i have replaced the fuse the last four nights with the same results each night. i have disabled the day-time running lights but still the same results.

...when the other dashboard lights are on ? I replaced the bulb in the ashtray thinking that would do it but it didn't. I also checked the fuse marked M and it was fine. Do they light up ?

We put gas into the car and replaced the spark plugs. Then the car wouldn't start until we used starter fluid. We can smell gas but it won't stay running. CONFUSED HELP PLEASE

no power at driver control. I've checked fuses. is there a relay or module to check? driver switch won't roll down any windows,rear will work when worked at rear passenger control

Immediately after the wash, the car ran as if it had a misfiring cylinder or maybe even dirty fuel/water in the fuel. This problem worked itself out within a few miles of driving and I thought nothing more of it. That is, until the next day, when I noticed a slight hesitation as the car was under load (acceleration). This hesitation does not happen on any sort of pattern, can vary in intensity/frequency, and sometimes leads to the car shutting off (but only 3 times, each under lower loads). The hesitation does not occur when the car is in idle and park, does not immediately present itself when I begin to move the car, and (oddly) manifests itself more intensely when I am turning left...and never when I turn right. No diagnostic codes show up on a scan. Yesterday, I smelled and noticed smoke coming into the cabin through the vents. This is obviously some electrical issue, but I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?