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i put a new fuelpump`relay how much amp is going to fuelpump

Is the thermostat the only part that would control or have anything to do with an engine not warming up enough? (150)

I have changed the thermostat (twice) and the heater core. There is a 50 degree difference between the temp at the engine (by thermostat and the top hose. The bottom hose is also hot but when heater is on cools down. I had the water pump replaced about a year and a half ago. Could the impeller be wrong or the polarity reversed to cause this? What is the problem?

A mechanic recently told me there is an obstruction in the dashboard that is causing the A/C not to blow very strong. The A/C itself is fine: it cools, no leaks, the blower is working fine - but it blows very weak. I had the same problem in my 2006 Ram 1500 and simply removed a flap under the dash. Took all of 3 minutes. Could it be a similar situation?

I need to replace the signal flasher, was blinking eratic for days then stoped. I don't know where under the dash, and if it's easy to get to.

i need to find and replace the fuel injector relay

where does the fiber piece go a print out would be very helpful

where are they located on car

Could anyone send a brake line diagram or an explanation of which brake lines on the brake cylinder control which brakes on a 1990 olds cutlas ciera?

The original transmission was replaceed in 2007 that cost me $1600!!!! Just started, shifts first time (15-20mph), second time 38-40mph transmission makes roaring sound won't shift. I let off gas, then press pedal sometimes shifts.

My engine is revving up really high and my check engine light keeps coming on. I tried to take it to Schucks to use OBD but I can't find where to plug it in at. So can someone tell me where i plug it in?

I need to know how to get the heater core out of the dash. What is the best way to accomplish this?

My '89 olds cutlass ciera is leaking power steering fluid. It seems that most all say that it is the pump leaking; what are other likely, if there are likely, causes of leaking?

How do you replace the heater core on a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass?

Runs good untill it warms up then the idler pulley knocks. & then it idles low with a little up & down sound . No check engine is on.

Lately I been having problem in turning the steering wheel been having problem fighting with the steering wheel sometimes it will not turn and at times when I do seem to turn the steering wheel it seems to automaticlly turn right back into place, what could it be?

I have checked all the fuses and they are fine. I do not have any interior lights, radio, power locks for doors and believe that my accessory relay is defaulty. I am not quite sure where this item can be found on my car. Can you help locate it for me?

I had a new thermostat put it but now the engine temp is only about 150 or so. At 50 degrees outside with fan and temp on high, it will not roast me out. Does it need a new thermostat?

1996 Olds Ciera 3.1, intermittantly stops running at any speed. I replaced the crank shaft sensor, and the fuel filter and the fuel pressure seems to be o.k. It seems to stop after it warms up.

It seems like when I have the heater on high the air flow is not as it should be. Also when AC is on, the max position is no different than the normal position

temp light comes on soon, after check engine light comes on. Then engine speed increases to 3000 RPM without throttle movement. Engine has both temp light and gauge and seem to be running at normal temp. Code reads 43, 14 knock sensor and coolant sensor replaced ,Shut off car return's to normal.

car idles rough. wants to stall in stop and go traffic. exhaust pipe is black. runs fine at high speeds. also has a gas smell when you shut the car off.

I can't find the fuse box.

when starting up. and when running

I went throught inspections and my CO was high and failed the car runs fine I don't see an ajustment I can make,
is there something I can do?

why rear sensor and not the front sensor to replace it

the ignition switch locked up replaced the switch now the stearing is loose but also feels like it is going to lock up and not turn i would love to see a detailed picture please

I'd like to know how to replace the intake manifold gasket I can't afford someone doing it so I need to do it myself

problem with defroster. slide selector to defrost and no air comes out of duct by windshield air continues to come out of ac ducts.also going from max to normal on selector for ac no change in fan speed.

im having to check the transmission fluid every other it expensive to fix a leak..and is there anything inexpensive i can do to stop the leak?