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The vehicle died out running and i can't get it to start. The battery is fully charged, but i see no spark at the coil packs.
I can start my car fine, but i cant turn the key to turn it off. What do i do?
Replaced cranksensor and injectors still dont work??? help plz
Can anyone provide me with details on how to access the crankshaft position sensor? Can anyone provide me any good diagrams other than the autozone website?
I'm looking for a pulley that goes in front of the water pump. I've tried all the auto part stores and salvage yards in the area no luck were eles could i look
my car was running bad didnt have power at all! finaly it just died and wouldnt start, i replaced the ecm and it fired right up! but still ran crappy, one day it would be ok just sputter a verry little the next day it...
i dont see one on the pan
I have good fuel pressure,good spark and I just replaced the ecm and still cannot get it to start. Is there another fuse for the injector that is not in the fuse box. The car will start if you spray fuel in manually....
car sat for 6 years engine turns over but no spark everything works on the inside an out
The car will start, the first time of the day, and run about 5-6 seconds, then stop....If I wait about a couple minutes, it will start again, but only run about 3-4 seconds...It will continue to run, as long as I shoo...
what the fuel pump pressure for this car?
Engine misses, stumbles, loss of power, poor gas mileage,exhaust is louder.
my radio is plugged in but the radio is not getting power and I think it might be the fuse
where is fuel filter and how do i replace it. Iwant to put stop transmission slip fluid in. Do i drain some out first and how do i do this? Thank you Sheila
Please help me!!! My car gave a code saying Cam Shaft Position Sensor has a problem! Can someone help me and let me know where this part is located? Its starting to mess with my battery. Please help me.
The car has to warm up for about 15 minutes before it will move, not engaging in any gear, R, 1, 2, 3, D, or OD. Put car into "Park" and then back into "Drive" if this happens at a STOP sign, or Red light, and it goes...
just got off the interstate and it just reved, wouldnt go past 30 mph. transmission has been sipping for the last couple months. runs perfect until you get to around 30 mph
how much to replace ac compressor, evacuate and recharge? 1996 olds ciera 3.1 litre v6
what is the normal operating temp.
I have a 1990 Cutlass Ciera with 49,000 original miles. I am the second owner. I recently had freon put in it at repair shop. The next day, I was able to drive it to and from work but was not able to start it when ...
My torque converter is bad. Even after sitting all day it will stall after 5 minutes. Can I unplug the torque converter? How much would it cost to replace?
My water pump went & I replaced it. All was good! A few days later a awful noise started to come from what sounded like the pulley side of the engine. It sounds like it could be internal, but when I remove the serpent...
my air conditioner doesnt blow cold air could it be just recharged or is the compressor going out?
Is there a fuel shut off switch? If so, where is it?
were is the a/c low pressure switch located
gettin gas all the way to the throttle body on a 1987 cutlass ciera but car wont crank but it will crank if u poor gas strait into throttle body what do i do
i have a 91 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera s 3.3 v6; the problem im having is the charge battery light stays on. i have had my alternator and battery looked at and there both good. the car will crank but only run about 15 m...
The past 2 days my car will stall while driving about 10-12 miles. Yesterday it would only go a mile or so before it stalled out. Usually after aminute or so (few minutes sometimes) it will fire right back up...a litt...
my low traction light comes on about 2 times a week what does it mean
sometimes my car will start great but at least 2 times a week i have to push a button under steering dash and then it will start i took the fuse out of the black box but it is not working