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master cly full brake's go allmost down to floor how to bleed the brake's snap on scanner ?

My car starts fine when cold.After it warms up though,it shuts off abruptly and will not start for some time.Been told it may be a sensor.Where is the sensor located?

My car runs great when first started. When it idles down however,it idles slow and rough and then suddenly dies.Then it refuses to start until it sits for a period of time. It is a nice car to look at, but that all I can do for now until I pin point the problem.From my experience,it seems to be a sensor. It cuts off suddenly.Please help.

Car starts fine when cold.After idle drops,then idles low and oscilates.Then trouble starting when after shut off.Where is the crank sensor located ? Please help.A little ol' lady

car wont start put the key in and turn in on the horn starts blowing it will not do anything else i think it has a silencer security system on it


I had a backyard/friend replace this part and he is trying to insult my intelligence

Why does my Check Engine Soon light keep coming on even after a trusted repair service resets the car's CPU? The car runs fine. I was told they could remove the dashboard and go into the electrical system that way for repairs, but it would cost hundreds of dollars. I rejected that idea. For now, I am driving with the engine light on all the time and having regular maintenance performed.

The windshield wipers don't work and the washer fluid does not spray. Does anyone know what it could be? I replaced the fuse and check the current at the motor plug but it still is not working.

I actually own a low mileage 1987 Olds Ciera and purchased it new on Dec. 15, 1986. December 2008 I was driving from Seattle to Portland, OR when the water pump went out. Repair shop at time told me that since I had orginal water pump and radiator, I should replace both as I still needed to drive another 11 hours to go to California. 8 months later water pump failed again Because I wasn't driving this car decided to wait until the following March to get it replaced. This shop gave me part and said it was defective new water pump that had be installed. NOW the second water pump has failed. I have not taken it anywhere yet. The car is clean, not abused, and has about 127,000 miles. Can two new water pumps fail when I haven't driven more than 4000 miles since the lst replacement was installed?

I put the car in gear, and while it's idling there's a noise that seem's to be coming fron the transmission. The noise goes away when I apply the throttle.

My cutlass wont start, NOTHING happens. NO POWER. We checked fuses and seemed like one was loose. The car started and ran for a while . Then totally shut down again. Replaced fuse and wiggled the rest and checked them . Can figure if its a shortage and if so how do I check that ?

The car has a new harmonic balancer and a new starter, but for some reason the engone wont turn over. the battery is fully charged and the light inside come on, but when i turn the key, the starter wont even clickor make any noise

Third brake light not working. Have changed the complete unit. Where can I buy the wiring harness it plugs in to

What is the position of the exhaust and intake valves and their push rod alignment(s) on the head of a 1995 oldsmobile cutlass ciera v6 3.1L engine?

where is the crank sensor located on the 1996 cutlass ciera 3.1 engine

how do i locate the crank sensor on a 1996 oldsmobile cutlass ciera 3.1 engine

Just wanted some outsider opinions on my situation. I have a 95 Olds Ciera with the 3100 eng. 206,000 miles. Needs head gasket job. Probably looking at around 1500 to 2 grand. Zero resale value on the car, so it's keep or junk it time. What do you think? B/c of this problem I currently have no heat and I live in the upper Midwest, so that sucks.

car would not start switch on the column probably need tobe rplacesd

my driver side door latch is stuck and it will not allow me 2 close the door!and the other doors are locked or frozen they will not open any sollutions.latch,i've already removed the (unlock) fuse. and unlock and hold up on the outside handle and try 2 flip the latch

my car window was down over night n a ice storm and so i hanked the car door open and looked at my door latch and its the lock position how can i realease the lock(latch)

where are the freeze plugs located on the engine

I was driving on the highway, going about 70mph on cruise, when I heard a loud whining noise coming from my engine. The noise was similiar to when your brakes are worn out, and it quickly gerew in volume. After about 3 seconds, which gave me time to hear it and start to pull off, there was a loud PANG and the engine died. I was able to freewheel on to the side of the road. When I opened the hood, a VERY small amount of smoke puffed out from the rear of the engine. All the fluids were fine and there was nothing leaking, nor was there any visual damage to the engine. I've asked around and the two most probable causes are either my timing belt(chain) or a slipped bearing. Any ideas before I start tearing my engine apart blindly?

turned on the heater but nothing happens. Does not blow or make any noise. Does not seem to turn on at all

Idle surges on start up when cold. Idle does not come down after warming up for a couple of minutes. Shut off and restart and everything works perfect. Have switched out the following parts with identical engine and acts the same.

Idle Air Control Valve
Throttle Position Sensor
Mass Air Flow Sensor

how do you get troubleshooting codes from the check engine light?

vehicle starts for just a few seconds ...where is fuel pump relay and how do you check and replace it? Need diagnostic codes as well

how do I check fuel pump relay ...need location...there are 4 of them. car will start for only a few seconds. how do I get codes using the check engine light? I put jumper wire from A to B on ALDL then turned key on - - no codes email to please

my headlights, interior lights, Abs light came on, hazards, radio, etc... blew out just by me trying to turn my headlights on. i've tried replacing the headlight switch and nothing. the car still runs but thats about it. what could be wrong?

I started the car and it came right on, then it just died. I started the car again, this time pushing on the gas pedal and received no response, and it died again. I checked the alternator, that was fine. It has plenty of oil too. I was told that the problem might be something to do with the fuel.