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button. Taking the key out the blower motor continues to blow?????
How do I reprogram computer on 1998 0ldsmobile bravada? How much does it cost to flash ecm?
Also I was told to smell oil dip stick for smell of gas,sure enough it smelled like gas, and sometimes it will smell like rotten eggs or sulfur when starting
also radio and and all electrical inside car shut of when car is turned off. should stay on until door is openned
my 99 Bravada, 114,000miles_ is in one wheel drive most of the time. the A t c Warning light is on while I have only one wheel drive sometimes if I turn the key several times it does kick in to Smart trac normally. th...
Service AWD Brake and Abs lights all on no speedometer. Replaced all speed sensors and front hubs. Any ideas?
my car wont start, it acts like it wants to but it wont kick. ive tried the 10-15 min wait to restart it but it still wont work. is there any ways i can do something myself instead of bringing it to a dealership.??
Code is B0017. Passenger front deployment loop open. Any recommendations to repair?
It keeps ram x 1000 when I drive
i removed drivers side axle and re-expanded ring but axel pops out on it's own
Put the vehicle in park, go to turn the vehicle off....but the key won't go into the off position (can't get key out of ignition)!! Have to keep turning the tumbler back and forth a bunch of times really fast. I...