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So he now has to put in another one its for a 2000 Bravada all wheel drive with smart track
stalls while driving and then will restart after sitting for awhile, replacing ignition coil works for a short time and then then it burns out and needs to be replaced again. Already replaced 5 times in last couple of...
the first time would not run discounted fuel filter was not pumping fuel check all fuses relays replaced pump car wouid not start then it started ran ok started 20times sat over night would not start played with it ...
rusted now need front brakes and front rotors rusted and back rotors are rusted
rotors rusting moisture contamination, struts replaced among other things not driving any where or putting it in any condition where problems should occur I baby it
Was wondering if the fuel filter could cause this.
was driving about 65 and engine gauge went all the way to red started slowing down to pull off road and enginge stalled wouldn't restart
has been doing this for over a week i fill up with gas and it does not register
My truck Goes through cycles.... As in I just went nine months and didn't have a single issue... Now all of a sudden it does it two or three times a day.... It Ashlight if I leave the key all the way in the ignition A...
Took in for an oil change today, inspection recommends several things,one of which is "front cover" at an estimate of $965. Vehicle has 145,000 miles.
when i restarted it it kept stalling. now i have a knock in the engine
sometimes my car won't start and security light flashing
the gas tank looks like its collapsing in on itself.
hills the car shuts of.It has stald on us in traffic.Have weird vibration in front end.And, the abs brake lights stay on even though we had it fixed.Causing major with suspension system. These conditions are very co...
.Hazard flashes but only on right side .Replace multi flasher but still not working?
doesn't matter what setting or anything at all. the only thing that comes out of vents (all vents no control over defroster or floor or panel vents) is a cool breeze makes it near impossible to drive in cold weather ...
it also goes into overdrive instead of 3rd.
Mechanic in local shop says it's not "communicating" so doesn't know what problem is....
it runs like it has a plug not fireing i replaced plugs wire coil .someone told me it could be the fuel pump
i can see 2 notches on window but nothing hooked to it pictures would be nice
and when i turn the car on it makes noise, sound like a fan blowing.what can i do to fix the problem
I checked the fuse and it is ok, i also checked the bulbs which are also ok. I checked to see if there was power going to the tail light "reverse Light" and it did not show any signs of current. My turn signals and b...
My break, and Abs light came on and the eng. shut down. The control center read "system brake service". I would like to repair this problem. Also my speed indecator does not work. Wendell
the engines are both v-6s. my concern is how complicated will this be? how much modifiying will have to be done?
Truck keeps shutting off and have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to start and then when it get's started it will go for about a mile and will shut off again. It seems to do it when it is hot and humid and after it's been...