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Sat in the garage all winter while gone south. Has worked on and mostly off the last two wks. How do I repair ?

button. Taking the key out the blower motor continues to blow?????

my tranny will shift manually 1stand2nd but then it's like there's no 3rd or4th gear I've changed tranny and both are doing the exact same thing also changed gas on transfer case all of them and also no Speedo or fuel gauge please help at wits end

How do I reprogram computer on 1998 0ldsmobile bravada? How much does it cost to flash ecm?

Battery is new and alternator is fine I think maybe it could be wires?

Feels like it's in a lower gear.

The engine power reduced light was on. I've never seen this before. What causes it to just not start?

Also I was told to smell oil dip stick for smell of gas,sure enough it smelled like gas, and sometimes it will smell like rotten eggs or sulfur when starting

Now have to pour gas in throttle body to start.runs good while dies when I come to a stop applying brakes

all cooling system has been replaced.compression for head gasket problem Hear water slushing behind firewall,but no moisture on floor.Using 1 gal coolant a day.No leaking anywhere.Replaced radiator cap,hoses,thermostat,radiator No leak from water pump.What else do i chrcl for

Today I noticed I had ice sickles hanging from the bottom of my suv. I attempted to knock them off and noticed that one of them was just swinging. I looked under my suv closer and saw the ice was attached to a black rubber hose that is just hanging down under my suv. It's on the passenger side close to the tire. You can see it pretty well from the wheel well in fact. Anyone have any idea what this could be? I have never noticed it before and I'm worried it could be something serious. Thanks!

started fine,wife went to store,came out of store car won't start.i went and jumped it,it turn's over to a point,then jamnd after it sat for about an hours like it's out of time.i did this a couple of months ago,and i took the air hose and blew it over the motor after sitting about an hour it started and been running until today.

wont start sometimes w jump

radiator fluid full.

also radio and and all electrical inside car shut of when car is turned off. should stay on until door is openned

When i had my alignment done the mechanic said the the steering was loose and i should replace steering box. Can this be tightened or should i replace it?

gave it complete tuneup.cleaned all ground cables, fuel filter, plug wires,distributor, plugs,.. it starts runs perfect for a minute then acts like you turned key off.. wont start after that unless you let it set for half hour. Any ideas.?

my 99 Bravada, 114,000miles_ is in one wheel drive most of the time. the A t c Warning light is on while I have only one wheel drive sometimes if I turn the key several times it does kick in to Smart trac normally. this vehicle is a beached whale in one wheel drive I can sure use some help with this I do hear the "brain box" click when I turn the ignition. would cleaning the contacts on both the vehicle side and on the brain box do any good?