Rear wiper doesn't work?

Cold weather turns over but won't start. Usually try short turnover intervals otherwise battery runs low. When warm weather I don't pump pedal, it starts. I bought new 700cca battery, now cranks faster but still takes 4+ cranks to start. Alternator, cables, connections are good

Both my interior and headlights flash while vehicle is setting still. what could be causing this?

I have replaced the 2 upstream o2 sensors and one downstream (the one after the catalytic converter) where is the fourth sensor?

My I have almost 180,000 miles and need to look at replacing the vehicle due to costly repairs. I love the size, features, and towing of the vehicle but need to get something newer.

When I start to leave from being parked for a while as I either back out or go forward I hear a knocking noise once or twice from the front in and I've also noticed the inside of my front tires are kinda worn what could be the issue there ??

I have some smoke rising from the back of the engine. I believe its coming from near the left valve cover ( seating in drivers seat) and near the brake booster. Its not from the valve cover. I just don't know where its coming from and it only appears once engine is warm. Anybody have any ideas?

I just recently pulled the engine to perform repairs, after I put it back in and hooked everything up, checking for proper connections and the correct installation procedures where used along the one, when I go to start it, it turns over four or five times and then stops with a clunk

after I stop at a light or put the truck in reverse or slow down bellow 30mph the truck will hesitate or cut off this happens every time I drive it we have already replaced the throttle body and the electronic cooling fan and spark plugs nothing has worked please help.

En la parte delantera y arriba en el motor tiene un sonido: clap, clap, clap. Son los botadores o es la cadena del timing belt?

When that happens, I can't get the key out and the battery dies. Sometimes if you let it idle for a while, it will work.

When I reverse it will lock up and act like I slammed on the brakes when I didn't and then I can't reverse any further then when I pull forward it sounds like my new brakes are grinding and it shutters... What is going on anybody know? The awd light came onthe other day and I just changed the brakes a
All around yesterday...

An alignment mechanic said both need replacement. I was under the vehicle and both seem sound and tight...no wiggle in any direction...the rods on in wiggling the tires.

So called "ScartTrac". Supposed to use wheel-speed sensors, a drive speed sensor, and a computer to decide if wheels are slipping, and the vehicle needs 4WD. I've had encoder motor changed, new 4 tires, oil in encoder motor changed...no scanner (repair shops) shows a cause.
Can I just turn the encoder and have a 2WD truck? Can I put a simple "2WD-$WD" switch on the dash to energize the encoder moter to shift to 4WD when I want to?

I wana know if using a fuel injector cleaner will help with my car feeling like it's choking. It's cutting out or chugging almost.

Replaced all brakes and light wont go off

In my driveway

no power and key stuck

Modecular in distributar army out replaced it. Ran for 3 mins sired and blew the new one. I know there had too be a shortage or something that it's doing it But what could it be?

turned on the road an it shut off got it home an checked everything out theres water in the oil an after shitting for 3 hours it started back up but is idling rough

Wouldn't start Friday after turned it off. Replaced the fuel filter Saturday. It would start then but wouldn't stay started. Tried it Sunday and started right up. Ran all day Sunday no problems. Now went to start it this morning and it won't start again. Seems like not getting gas however when check valve gas is coming out.