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cant open hood cable may be broken need to charge battery
WWhere is engine computer located
How many Oxygen sensors are there on a 1997 Olds Bravada?
at night we cannot seen the dash cluster lights. they just wont come on?
99 oldsmobile bravada engine shuts off in warm weather when temp guage reaches 200. Will not restart until engine cools down. What could this be?
this is my moms bravada. she says when she fills up it takes a little gas then shoots it back out.. some have said there is an gas tank vent. if so where can i find it and can it be cleaned out? thanks for any help.
Hi, My 99 Bravada's roof mounted break light is out. I priced the part and would like to replace it myself. Will this be a hard job? It looks like I will need to gain access to the connection point by removing the...
this last fall i replaced the heater core in my bravada, prior to that my a.c. blew quite cold but no heat. now i try to use the a.c. and it blows hot air, though everything seems to work.......
My 2000 oldsmobile bravada is stuck in 4 wheel drive. What can I do? Help!!!!!
I'm replacing the front axle carrier but not sure the best way to put it in or the easiest way. I had to cut out the old one in order to get it out, do i have to raise the engine in order to get the clearance i need ...
I have hot air blowing out my vents all the time. I am looking for a hot water control diagram so I can see if it is stuck.
Does anyone know what the part number is for the fuse block/panel on a 1996 Bravada? If so, does anyone know where I could locate one?
The A/C stopped blowing cold air, I do not hear the compressor or clutch engage, I was told that the unit may need it's oil level raised, is this true? and if so, what kind of oil and where do I find the area to fill it?
I am wondering where the Fuel tank pressure sensor is located on a 02 Olds Bravada. Is it on top of the gas tank like other GM suv's?
How many oxygen sensors are on a 1996 Olds Bravada 4.3 litre engine?
only the speedometer works on my electronic dashboard. Is their a fuse that is out or is the dashboard dead?
ABS light came on and the modulation pumps stays runing even when the car is turned off.
overheated whole engine got wet it wants to start but wont give me good answer
I am changing my spark-plugs,I FIND IT Impossible to get number 3 plug out because of the steering colume any advice? thank you
As I was driving one day, the car started to shutter like it just wanted to shut off. The ABS light started to blink and the Tach went crazy. It seemed like it was acting like it would if it were out of gas. The car s...
How many spark plugs does a Bravada have? I know for certain that there are four but it looks like there are six.
i bouhgt a 1996 oldsmobile bravada 4.3 smartrak. when we first bought it it ran with some skip if you were going 55 or more but the minute i try to drive it through town and come to a stop sign or let off the gas to s...
when cornering my tires have started to jerk as though they are not aligned.When on the road they seem to be fine.
We need to replace the water pump. We want to know what a fiar price is for the part and labor to replace it.
when filling my gas tank I can only fill up to half of a gallon then it overflows and takes forever to go down, sometimes it doesnt move for more than 2 minutes.. any help would be appreciated... Thanks in advance...
when making sharp turns the wheels feel like they are locking up and then letting loose repeatedly untill i pull out of the turn....ive heard wheel bearings and also cv joints...????
i got a digital dash board and nothing come on. i cant see my speed or gas gauge or nothing. what the prblem?
whats the best way to flush and fill the cooling system on the 2001 4.3 bravada