I have looked a bit , but I don't see an easy way to replace the head light bulbs ? Does the entire assembly have to come out ? Hoping to get a brighter bulb ? suggestions ?

where is the Neutral Safety Switch located in 2002 olds bravada

cant get the starter out from location, somethings in the way.

Running light indicator and parking brake indicator on dash flicker. Mechanic said it was due to faulty wheel bearing. Does this sound right? What else could cause this? Have had previous problem with parking brake not disengaging

My Bravada will start fine and run great as long as it is dry outside, but the least bit of humidity or moisture in the air it will try to crank over, and I have spark, but it will not start. My mechanic has cleaned the sensors, changed timing chain, replaced plugs and wires, cleaned injectors, and had the distributor tested and it was fine.

while driving my 96 olds bravada it shuts off with no warning,sometimes it starts right back up it may go for about a half mile, then it shuts off again.i turn the ignition,it turns but want start. i let it set for a while then it may start up. what can this be

how do I cange it?

The headlights don't come on automatically at dark and don't work by turning manual control inside. What happened? The park lights and fog lights come on with inside manual control just not the headlights.

what do i check first?

Is it necessary to replace the entire gauge cluster to repair an inoperable speedometer in the 2002 Bravada?

Any other way to get gas out besides dropping tank, or any way to fix this problem.

Where is the EGR Valve located & how do you clean it is it hard to clean


I have a 2003 oldmobile bravada with no aftermarket anything it does have auto everything ie. Moonroof heated seats ect. Bought it used has only 75k mi on it and there has been no work done to it since i bought it I have a draw on my battery that is draining it in 4-5 hrs. I replaced the battery and no change. Took it to an auto parts store where they checked the battery, starter, battery, and alternator with their computer and all came checking out fine. I then took it to a shop where they said it was the blower motor and replaced it and that didn't fix the drain. So they disconnected the radio and said that that was the problem and it should be good now. Drove it home and car was dead the very next morning. I charged the battery full and again it drained completely within hours. $200 for nothing. So now I took it to an auto electrical shop where they said it was the instrument cluster. They sent it out to be repaired and it's being sent right back to the shop cause there is nothing wrong with that. $600. Can anyone give me some insight into what to do here other then driving this thing off a cliff??? I'm out $800 and still have no resolve. Please help me before I go even more crazy!!!! With such a heavy draw I'm confused on why they can't find the issue. Any thoughts thanks!!!

Trying to locate the Air Pump Relay to ensure that It's good

Only digital speed indicator works and lights up. Fuel, temp, oil pressure remain black. Fuse or instrument bulb problem, or do I need an entire new instrument cluster?

it's cranking but not starting

changed oil light still on how do we clear it on 2002 olds bravada

encodermotor was replaced by garage but never filled with fluid can i reset the computer to get rid of the light and is the motor still good since the computer should have not allowed it to work?

Just got a new alternator and battery and found out that I have an oil leak coming from the pan, gasket, both hoses and front seal. I am financially tapped, but can get a "friendly" loan and am in need of a ball park figure for the above mentioned repairs. I thank you sooo much for any assistance you can provide.

what do i do i have a 1998 olds bravada and the wipers will not work,i want to know do i need a fuse or does the motor need to be replaced?

engine starts and stalls. security light on steady. dtc p1626

ON righr or left tuurns, diagonal wheels seem to catch. One set one way, opposit when turned the other way.

the rt frt hub has been changed twice within 3 months. the first time brakes and rt frt control arm were also replaced. now again the abs lt comes on and acts like the seal in the hub has broke. NEED SOME TROUBLESHOOTING HELP. Thanks

In the last 3 weeks, I have had to have my truck jumped off to work.
I am very careful to not leave any lights on and my radio is detachable, and I often don't listen to it so it's not 'plugged in'.
I took the truck to Autozone and had the alternator, starter tested and all showed they were fine.
Then today I had to have it jumped again.
Why does this keep happening?
(I got the car 10/28/10. The battery has a sticker that says 9/10).
With this last time, the truck runs fin for a couple of weeks before needing to be jumped. Also I am in Chicago and it's been very cold overnights and the truck sits outside - no garage.

I remember years ago when my ex husband wanted to check if a thermostat was working, he put it in a pan of water that had been heated to boil. Will this still work?

How do i know when the motor is locked up? I was driving on I-24 and my car started slowing down. The only lights on was the check engine and battery light. I was told that it was the starter so I had that replaced. when the starter was installed I was told that the motor was locked up. The oil was low and I had no signs of an oil leak or ticking noise. It has the proper amount of oil in it now, It tries to turn over with a jump but does not turn all of the way. only make a ticking noise as if the battery is dead. The fan and other items turn when I try to start it. Has the motor gone out?

No getting any heat. I put in a new thermostat,does not overheat, water pump is working, had the heater coil flushed twice. Please help me in what other options I should look at.

I had noise coming from my rear differential and took it into the shop. They drained and found that there were small metal shavings in it. They suggested replacing all the bearings.

I agreed to move forward and am now wondering if I got taken on the price. They did all the work for $800. Does anyone out there know this car well enough to say if that's a fair price or not?

My speedometer dims out when i turn on my head lights at all. I have replaced the fuses several times and i am not sure what else to try.