i can not get the fuel hoses off the rear of the tank to come off. They spin around the tank mouth.

the turn signals stopped operating,next day battery was dead and replaced. fuses don't appear to be broken. Interior and exterior lights, wipers, door and rear hatch operate correctly

send me a diagrame to instal the four whee unit.

I've seen the picture of the front wheel bearing and it is attached to the axle with 3 bolts. You have top remove the disc brake caliper and rotor and remove the bolts. My question is does the bearing assembly slide off or do I need a slide hammer or some other removal tool to take the bearing off the axle.

i get gas up to the throttle body but it don't start fuel pump is 2-3 years old what's the pressure supposed to be

the key will not turn in the lock state at all the key moves freely in and out the key will not turn it stuck in lock, I did the standard check list and even removes the plastic sleeve around the steering claim. nthing is working .

need to get to the heater and a/c flapper

car has bad oil leak and even though have been keeping oil in the car it is now emitting bad smelling white smoke from the exhaust

heater blows hot air,no matter were temp control is set

I have a 99 bravada. I would like to know when you first start the car, does the pump supose to run only for a few minuets, cycle or continuous.

I don't know how to clean my egr valve and i would like an overview of the fuel system so that I may track down anything that may be causing my problems.

What is the oil capacity of the air conditioning compressor and what weight should the oil be.

How do i fill the transfer case what oil does it take?

always pushing heat . even when its turned to off position

day time running lights go off when i put on blinker. any ideas

My stock radio was replaced with an aftremarket JVC deck. will this affect things like vent lights to just flash but not come on.

I replaced my transmission and I am haveing a really hard time getting the new tranny lines in place, just wondering if there is an easier way or if anyone has any suggestions on how i can get the tranny lines hooked up.

P0410, Secondary air injection system fault.

My mechanic tells me I need my front deferential replaced? Everything I have looked up tells me this is about fluids not an actually piece of the motor. Any feedback?

mt dashboard has no power

When parked on slight hill it rolls. In about one hour it rolled about 5 feet. What could be wrong?

Where can I find a rear drivers side seatbelt latch.

until the car warms up it does not shift

Does anyone know what it cost to replace a pitman arm and other related parts?

both bulbs 3057 were burnt out, I replaced but the lights still won't come on at night when car is on idle or driving, however break light and turn signals will show up. I was told it could be the electrical housing socket? Please help... If it's correct, what is it called and where can I get them?

I have a 1993 Olds Bravada with a Vortec V6 engine it has 163000 miles on it, I have taken it in for a diagnostic on why it takes off very slow sometimes, no codes come up showing problems, all the fluids are full, I have had the fuel injection system replaced from the fuel pump to the injectors as well as the whole exaust, all the vacum lines are new, the trans has been serviced and it had a recent tune up, so what else could be wrong with it.

I have a 2004 Bravada AWD driven less than 10000 miles per year, and had to replace front rotors in Feb. 2009, again in Feb. 2010, and now need to replace them again. Mechanic says it is caused by the equalizer and that the problem is common. Has GM had recalls or service bulletins about this? It has to be a design flaw.

i have replaced the pressure switch on my a/c and charged the system but i have been putting freon in and the gauge is reading real high before the clutch is kicking on and repeadetly kicks on and off ?? is their a relay bad maybe ?

98 oldmobile bravada will turn over but won't start when it is wet outside or lots of moisture in air why does it do this. getting annoying

Had a new muffler put on and less then two weeks part of it had fallen away from the car. The repair shop charged me again for the replacement, said backfire of my car caused the new muffler to separate from the car. found out the backfire was due to a faulty senor which has been fixed. However I wondered if back fire /misfire of a car could cause a new muffler to separate from a car.