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royal purple oil and filter

it won't do anything when i turn the key...mechanic said its the starter

the motor still runs because i can still take it down some. only comes up as far as the bottom of the window opening

and where can i buy new ones so ican fix it . without buying a new window ps what do i glue the new tabs on with and where can i buy the glue thank you

Car only sometimes starts off rough. After I let it run it will start to run smoother. But while it is running rough it smokes and smells like the gas is burning rich or stronger. Also the warning light comes on. I fill up the antifreeze at least every 100 miles or so. So is is a sensor or a bad radiator cap.

i have to reset the security system weekly and get jumped often should i have the security system removed i never got a remote with this car so i have to reset it with the key. only mode of transportation for my inlaws

Have an Alero Coupe.

Window went down, won't go up again, appears window motor is working.

My email address is:
Thank you!

The check engine light keeps coming on

2001 Olds Alero 2.4L 4cyl

problem started with car after a major head gasget blow replaced it but extreamly noisy in motor timeing showing about 21 advanced

pep boys say i need a new fuel tank pressure sensor but have to buy the fuel pump too. The pressure sensor is sold separately for 35.00 so I dont know why I need a new fuel pump too?

Moderate to heavy pressure applied to the gas pedal and clicks when some bumps are hit. Sound comes from the Driver side wheel.

Also the passenger side caliber seems like it is stuck? Would excess brake dust be a sign?

What makes the fuel indicator bounce around and not keep an accurate indication of the amount of fuel in my tank?

the noise only happens when the car is moving .Also it wants to pull to the right but I figure that maybe an alingment problem

The light stayed on until I turned the car off, and has not been on since. Do I need to have the car looked at? The manual says that if the light comes on while driving, that something is wrong with the Passlock system. Does that mean that the car will continue to start?

I had my gasket replace, plugs, and oil change.

Car stalled when idling in the driveway, was unable to get the car to restart. The following things have been checked out:

*New plugs, good spark from coil pack

*New fuel filter

*Fuel pump runs and pushes appreciable volume of fuel through filter (checked by turning key on and running gas into an open container)

*Tried cranking the engine w/ spark wires disconnected and immediately pulled spark plug to check if plug was wetted with fuel. It was not (possible that no fuel is getting to piston?)

*Tried replacing fuel pressure regulator, that had no effect.

Thanks in advance!

My heat/AC fan has 6 positions; Off and 5 speeds. It only works on the highest 2 positions.

Wicked rubbing noise, getting worse each day

Runs and shitfs good but has high RPMs dont feel like it is shifting to high gear.

When it comes then I can't able to turn on AC or HEAT and can't able to open windows. but after driving couple hundreds meter then it's everything works back on.

Its supposed to be 100+ fricken degrees the next few days and my AC in the my Alero isnt as cold as it should be... WTF can I do?? my nuts stick to the leather as it is...

Thought it was the fuel filter and changed that. Then looked and found 2 of 4 sparkplugs have oil in their cylenders. How is it getting there? I am going to try putting a cotten rope down to soak up the oil and wonder if it will then turn over. Did put in 4 new spark plugs, but friend says it is because of the oil there it won't turn over.

I am thinking about buying an Olds Alero 2000.... They told me the camshaft is bad and it needs replaced. Can you tell me if there are other solutions or problems? They also told me they have serviced this car at all times and they bought it new. Any information on the above question would be greatly appreciated.

how do I drop the oil pan and how diffecult is it to do so

i put my car in rev to park the car and it started to pulsate it seemed to get full idle then wanted to stall what could be the issue ??

were is the crank shaft senior on the car

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What should a mechanic be doing for a typical tune up on this car?

batteries is approx 4 yrs old and is currently being charged due not starting. Lights and other electronics still work but after a four hr tickle charge battery growls but does turn over, do you think it's the battery or possibly the alternator or even something else??? I a confused female, thanks.

how much should it cost to get my 2000 olds alero power steering pump fixed?