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hit a curb, now there is a popping sound comming underneath. replaced the brakes. noise continues
I just bought an Oldsmobile Alero for my son and soon after the power steering went out. My mechanic keeps changing the power steering pump and it works for two days then the fluid starts leaking again. He has repai...
Im not a mechanic but i recently had my oil changed and not to long after my car started jerking when ever i am driving... im not sure whats wrong with it someone out here plz help me!!!!
The oil has been gushing out by the oil pan i don't know if it is the oil pan gasket or the main oil seal.
only occurs when going up large hills, seems sluggish. Is this normal? have 172,000 miles.
My Anti lock light and my traction off light will come on and stay on quite frequently Then when i shut the car off and turn it back on the lights will stay off for a little bit and then both will come on again at sa...
The turn signal seems to work fine, then not at all temporarily. But lately is not working more of the time than not.
how do i change a emergency flasher switch
how do i change heater core in a 99 olds alero
change oil light on
Trac off light came on.,..car sopped running. Took in for repair... fuel pump fixed, but Trac Off light is still on. Anyway I can turn it off? Pressing the button does nothing. thanks!
On my alero the is a leak under the radiator on the 2 lines that go to the side of the radiator, is this an oil line or a transmission line?
My car cuts off when I usually stop or make turns. I had my spark plugs, wires, and throttle body sensor done. What is the problem, HELP.
Hi there. My turn signals work only when they want to; they sometimes even stop blinking while I'm sitting in the turn lane waiting to turn. My rear defrost stopped working maybe the year before the signals started a...
My car idles high after it is driven for a long time, then once it cools down it stops.
The remote decklid release on the inside will open deck lid
leaking coolant under area where top radiator hose goes into thermostat housing steady drip under housing getting worse only 65000 miles how bad is it, is it covered? dont even want to drive it now just got done putt...
Replaced reservoir April 30, May 23, August 19, & August 30!
the car will blow the 30amp 32v fuse it goes in the igh batt 1 in the fuse box
My Girlfriend car has been leakin oil for about a day now an its steady flow of oil runnin out had gut come out an say something bout the seal needing to be replaced an to get to it he says the transmission needs to b...
My car's check engine light comes on and off. Also, my car idles very hard and fast, especially when parked. When driving, it takes great effort to brake. The RPM goes to 3-4 when I put the car in park most times.
what does it mean when the service engine soon light is on??
how do you test for fuel pump. also can do it yourself steps info be avialable
Where is the crash sensor located on a 99 Oldsmobile Alero
just changed front pads and rotors now brake pedal feels hard but will not lock up brakes
My car is misfiring and we put a coil pack, injector pumps (all 4), and spark pulgs on it over 500 dollars on it what can it be
I just replaced front rotors and pads on my 2003 alero now the brake pedal is hard but it has no stopping power.the brakes will not lock up
Does anyone with a 99 olds alero have the factory manual ? I need to reset these codes and have had no luck. Tire pressure is good and oil was changed 2 weeks ago. Can you help ?
Low tire pressure and oil change light on. Tire pressure is fine and oil recently changed. Replaced air filter today, thats when oil change light came on.Tire pressure light when girl bought car a year ago. Any sugge...
Ran a diagnostic computer check and founf Code C1233 (RF wheel speed sensor open or shorted). Sounds a lot like a "bad ABS wiring harness". How difficult is it to replace the wiring harness, i.e., how far back to th...