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car will start but won't take gas to accelate runs good at idle has code po171 o2 sensor change that saids fuel to lean on bank 1 it is only a 4 cylinder dont understand can anyone help?
how much should new spark plugs on a 99 alero cost? including labor
car hasnt started for over 2 weeks sounds like bad starter but had it checked and its good. can anyone tell me how to check for spark and fuel pressure on 2000 olds alero 2.4L.
what would be causing my vehicle to shift hard and sometimes not really shift from 2nd to 3rd?
checked all wires,had starter checked at local repair shop,replaced plug insulators,checked all ignition fuses,this is a constant problem car stuck in front of house.
2003 Olds Alero 4 door 6cyl has 2 horns that stopped working.How to repair and cost estimate.?
I took my car to Autozone to get it diagnose because my service engine soon light came on. This what he told me is wrong with it. The Evap Emission Control System Malfunction and System is too lean (bank 1)
the horn is staying on and i need to know how to remove the horn button on the steering wheel
at first car would turn over but wouldnt start, figured out that car started ran a few minutes then stalled now when i turn key it just makes a clicking sound and wont turn over.
1st problem was with passlock, reset that car turned over then stalled,now i have the problem listed above.
after resetting the passlock the car started but then stalled presented with the above problem
car very hard to start idles very rough will not take gas replaced fuel pump has right pressure 52 to 58 pounds of pressure idles real low when you can get it to start had code po107 map sensor change but didn't help ...
I tried to pull off the curb in front of my house in my 2000 Oldsmobile Alero and I could not turn the wheels. The steering wheel turns, but the wheels would not.
I have coolant leaking from a sensor by the thermostat housing. I have replaced the whole cooling system from overflow bottle, radiator and hoses. There is still coolant leaking and when I drive the vehicle and stop I...
it is a used car it never worked sence i had the car
no chk eng lite comes on...it mostly happens when eng is warming-up and especially when fan turmed on high
how do I check the transmission oil and where do i add some if needed?
if i leave the car running longer than 10 min it will run hot.
dismoring when i left my car worked fine but when i was leveling church it didnt wont in revese after puting it back in D and then back in to R it moved........... and then ever time i press on the breakes of make a t...
thecar wont crank sounds like the timing chain iswraped around the crank
The first of Dec., the battery seemed low but the car started and I went off down the road. About a mile from home, the car died, and it was like the battery had gone completely dead. Called service. Got started,...
I've spent $1000.00 trying to get this problem fixed, I get 25mpg driving highway with cruise but most of my driving is city. I dont idle or drive over 2.5k rpm, I've had the fuel pump replaced, fuel filter changed as...
I am told that the pump is a double chamber pump and that it supplies more then one function. IE, streeing and something else. Right or wrong?
The fans will go on at times but rarely. The has been happening for the past 2 weeks.
I have a weird high-pitched noise coming from the exhaust/under car. I know the protective plate fell and is now resting on the exhaust itself, but the noise is mostly coming from the back end part. I can hear just as...
besides horn honking by self when driving and the steering column locks up sometimes when you turn
Car is overheating possibly due to thermostat staying closed. But heater blows cold possibly due to thermostat being stuck open. How can it be doing both?
stopped working today
i have problem whit my car whend i try to start it
Do you need special tools to replace control arm bushings?