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The pulley seems broken, and the battery is NOT charging
The gauge was pegged HIGH. So I replaced the oil pressure sensor with a aftermarket one. When I turned on the car the gauge was reading low and the light turned on. I left the car running and unplugged the oil pressur...
When taking off it doesn't seem to want to go after it takes off the problem stops til I get to a stop sign and have to take off again
replaced valve cover gaskets on xterra ---dropped valve cover screw into valve assembly---will it do any damage -if I leave it in there-
I have a 2003 Xterra that has a bent frame, still barely driveable and great mechanical condition. I bought another one and want to pull parts (sensors, window motors, etc) to use on the one I bought, which is not the...
The battery seemed sluggish to start the vehicle in cold weather but it would start. Today,which is much warmer, it started up when I drove home from work. Was about to leave an hour later but vehicle would not start....
Once truck warms up, the problem disappears. 4 months ago did tune up with timing belt, water pump, plugs and wires. What else is left?
spins over wont start, replaced fuel pump assembly, crankshaft sensor, left side camshaft sensor, spark plugs. not getting any cranking rpm from scanner.
Was driving, the car quit and no check engine light or any of those. Why am I blowing the fuse
pulled in driveway turned off ran in house came right backout and car wont start battery brand new
We fine has 210k miles. Would it be better to replace both VVT's or the engine.
What causes my X-terra to struggle moving forward after I put it in drive but after a few minutes warming up it will move but struggles for the next few miles. Will this be a costly repair?
With fuel starter engine runs but dies . won't pump gas
When I start my Nissan Xterra 2007 in the morning, it makes a loud annoying sound. After a few seconds, the noise goes away. When I shut off the engine, then restart it, there is no noise. It almost seems that there...
tried to reset by disconnecting terminal ran for a while service engine still out but abs popped back on.
leak detected & knocking sensor what does this mean
Alloy wheels were recalled sometime ago - was having tires rotated and Discount Tire noticed the wheel on front passenger. took off and mounted wheel from spare. Anything on the wheels, even though they were all re...
like hitting on 2 cyl and will not take fuel. Kill it out and wait a few min and start it back up and it will run for 3 min fine then just kill out. restart and will not take fuel and feels like running on 2 cyl. ag...
Brakes always working fine. Car manuel doesn't tell me much.What might be causing this slight problem? Do I need to get it fixed? At what price?