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There are no dash lights at all. Only sound is door dinging when key is in ignition. Is this a factory security system reset problem? Any ideas?
It only does this when idling at first I thought it was my brakes sticking but its not that my car shakes and acts like its about to shut off.
"service engine soon" light keep coming on Code reader says "knock sensor"
Vehicle used to start immediately. When warm but off for 20 mins or so, would start right up but idle rough as if on 5 cylinders, this would go away after a few minutes. Then finally CEL w/code P0303. I replaced #3 F....
I already changed the bulbs, relay and fuse, what else can I do?
I changed the front brake pads and rotors. I have reinstalled the rotor assembly and bearing, attached the locknut and washer. The next piece that goes on is the fixed cam assembly, which I believe operates the 4 whee...
voltage in both sensor can go to 2.49 volts and diganostic shows signal high bank 1 sensor 1 02 sensor show rich on both sensors reset fault drove 10 miles no issue started after 5 mins straight in fault. pl...
the noise occurs when driving long periods of time.
We have the 2004 xterra nissan. Still no power to fuel pump.
have to stop, put vehicle in 4x4 and then proceed, 4x4 works fine otherwise
Here is the problem. Had exhaust leak, around left header and catalytic converter. Driving to muffler shop for repair, started running very rough, missing and hard to keep running. brought it back home, cut the fir...
Tried to relief pressure on what I believed was clogged catalytic converters. Did not work.
No power to fuel pump . Check engine light does not come on and off like it usually does when you turn the key.Car stop running, turns over will not start. Checked harness to fuel pump
Chirping started while driving about 45mph, engine warmed up, all gauges appeared in normal range. This was the first time it happened, I did not hear it when I stopped and backed up into my driveway. It chipped for a...
Over the past month I have noticed that when cranking this vehicle there is an increased amount of turning over before the engine starts. The amount of time has seemingly increased. This morning it failed to start al...
Does not happen when vacuum line from egr or turbo disconnected
I'm looking for 2005 Nissan xterra valve body  Without unnecessary assembly with pretty nice price All I found over 800$ ridicules expensive My Vin: 5N1AN08W85C610180
I have a 2006 Nissan Xterra. After a repair, the computer was cleared of an error code but now I can't get the computer system to be OBD "ready." I followed the complex drive cycle instructions in the owner's manual t...
When parked, the brake lights come on and stay on for about 2 minutes every half hour or so whether the doors are locked or unlocked. There is a red LED security light on left side of dash board. It blinks when the d...
replace battery, cleaned terminals, new complete starter. Still no contact from the key. All this ater I cut it off to go in the store for about five minutes.
it rattles when you first start it or first accelerate. After you get going it stops. When you stop at light it starts again. Turn the wheel and it stops. Start up it starts then goes away when you get up to speed
sounds low when alarm goes off but does not work at all when pressing the steering wheel horn cover? any advice?
It started about a few months ago how much to fix if worth it or sell car.
Battery is fine and the starter was changed and still no crank, engine turns over fine by hand so it did not seize. Help
how much approx . will that cost to me or is it better to sell it ??? if yes to what price ??? regards
I have everything done down to disconneting the actual fuel pump , but can't figure out how to disconnect it from fuel level sensor. Help !