when motor warms up it will stall and choke down

Once truck warms up, the problem disappears. 4 months ago did tune up with timing belt, water pump, plugs and wires. What else is left?

spins over wont start, replaced fuel pump assembly, crankshaft sensor, left side camshaft sensor, spark plugs. not getting any cranking rpm from scanner.

I replaced the bulbs but they still do not work. I know where the backup light switch is, but I can not find the backup light fuse

Was driving, the car quit and no check engine light or any of those. Why am I blowing the fuse

Makes a strange whirring noise now. Just before it died the wipers started going really slow. Headlights work, battery terminals are cleaned and it's a new battery

Crank sensor. Still have extended crank time and p0340 code is back. Also have the slip light and vdc lights on other then this truck runs great

just stopped working, replaced the resister and heater blower and still the fan won't work could it be the heater switch itself

pulled in driveway turned off ran in house came right backout and car wont start battery brand new

My xterra has started being very particular about when it will start. It starts fine when it is cold, but once the engine is warm, if I turn it off, it will not start again until it cools down. At first, I thought it was a battery issue. There was that dying battery sound before the starter engaged, but if I turned the key off then on again, it would start fine. I took it to a mechanic who couldn't get it to replicate the problem. Got the car back, drove it for two weeks, and it started doing it again. I should mention that it started having trouble again when the weather warmed up about 20 degrees.

When it refuses to start, there is no clicking like when the battery is dead. There is a hum like something is trying and failing to function. I don't know whether to replace the starter and go from there or what. Please help!

What could it be if the fuses are all fine? I checked all of them since none specified dash/tail lights.

Will go off after a few seconds or won't do it at all if air conditioner is on. But will start again when I turn air conditioner off

We fine has 210k miles. Would it be better to replace both VVT's or the engine.

When started it immediately goes to high. Oil reading good, new filter and oil.

What causes my X-terra to struggle moving forward after I put it in drive but after a few minutes warming up it will move but struggles for the next few miles. Will this be a costly repair?

last week my heater was making my car unbearably hot, even when it was off. now this week all I can get is cold air. I have checked all the fuses, none appear blown and I don't see one specifically for heater

Just recently my 2000 Xterra started to hesitate with mild power loss after warm-up while driving. I changed the fuel filter, spark plugs and wires, distributor cap and rotor. No impact from any of those changes. No dash lights have come on or flashed. The RPM gage remains constant during the fluttering which is for a split second every once in a while (maybe once or twice per minute). I am thinking maybe the fuel pump, alternator or transmission could be starting to fail. Has anyone else experienced this and got to root cause. Thx!

With fuel starter engine runs but dies . won't pump gas

Anything above or below that it fine. Had axel removed and balanced no change.