I had to have the timing belt and water pump replaced after my Nissan broke down, but now the engine idles very rough. I took it for diagnostics and the guy said it was multi cylinder misfire, I believe it was code 0303. I'm worried that I bent a valve when the timing belt broke. The timing belt/water pump repair cost $700. I know nothing about cars. Could it just need to have the timing adjusted?

Where can I find drive cycle routine for a nissian xterra.

I had to have my timing belt replaced in my 2004 Nissan Xterra and now the motor runs just terrible and the engine light comes on. I'm sure I have a bent valve. If I have to replace the engine, do I also have to replace the transmission? I know nothing about cars. The "service engine soon" light blinks when its idling and stays on when you drive any length of time. Sometimes it goes off. the mechanic charged me $650 to replace the timing belt and water pump. I'm scared of getting ripped off again.

I just bought it in July 2010, so I have no service records. The brakes seem to work OK, then the other dy I needed to avoid a cat crossing the road and when I slammed on the brakes, the went "squishy", but worked. Just not as fst as I would have thought they would. The service manul says to ignore the ABS light, because it will go off and on all the time, which mine does. In december the mechanic who changed my oil told me I needed to rbing it in to have the brakes worked on. How can I know when to do this? Thanks in advance for your prompt response...

Cause I drove into a parking lot, a check engine light came on and it died.
Scanned for codes. 2 came up as interesting. 1)Knock sensor 2)Camshaft sensor.
What would have to be replaced on the car?

Its a 2wd and its burning gas like crazy.

Started after I changed the spark plugs. The engine idles down intermittently and shudders slightly like it is going to shut off.

I have replaced one catalytic converter and still failed Ca. smog. The second is being replaced but in the meantime my distributer went out due to some sloppiness in a ????? I was told that it will continue to ruin distributers until I have it repaired to the tune of $3,000. I was in shock and did not ask enough questions. Can this be explained? I am already spending $3,500 on the converters.

there seems to be a poor contact with the bulb connector. if you giggle them they work for a while. any fixes?

could it be a fuse and where would it be located?

while driving it just died when service engine came on and lights didn't deam and now all it does is turn over kindof fast and doesn't start

how long does the job take to complete and what tools will be needed? Do you have any pictures to help me?

on the right side the light was smashed, the bumper pushed back, which is keeping the hood from opening

2000 xterra replaced distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires and fuel filter, runs fine when first started from being cold - once warm starts running rough knocking and loses power - stalls out , wont start back up

At a stop light my heat-air coming out of the interior vents go cold and warms back up when I start moving again. The Heat gauge is in normal operating range and coolant level is normal.

Car was left for a year without use and battery died. We replaced battery and engine would not start, alarm was going off like crazy until we figured out to put the key in the door to turn off alarm. Now alarm is off but car will not start. Just had it towed to a dealer and they are charging me 215 to try and figure out how to take the car out of "safe mode". I had it towed there because they are suppose to be the Nissan specialists... Any advice please so they do not take advantage of me.

when i use the automatic locking device supplied by the dealer "key fob" the doors will lock but the horn does not beep to let me know that it was activated.just happened yesterday when i went to watch TINTIN,great movie.this is a problem when you are several feet away from the vehicle and have to return to make sure doors have locked.hope this is an easy fix.thanks for your help.MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone from GUAM

This happens once the truck warms up about 2 weeks ago I went out and started the trk to warm it up just as I got to it it went dead and i had to boost it the same thing happened today. I had the battery and Alt tested on the trk at high idle it showed 13.8 volts. I have no idea where to start.

2001 nissan xterra whines when first taking off and jumps into first gear

auto transmission

I came out to my car after going to a movie and turned the key and nothing happened. I don't remember leaving the lights on at all. When i turned the key the car wouldn't turn over but there was minimal juice left to power the interior light and the radio. My roommate showed up and gave me a jump. I sat and it started right up and I let the engine run to charge up for a good twenty minutes and then drove my gf home and then back home to my place, totaling about an hr overall. When I pulled into my parking spot at home and shut the engine off, I decided to try turning the car back on to make sure I could run errands in the morning. Same thing happened as at the movie theater. Only enough juice for radio and interior lights. Does this mean my battery is no longer good and not accepting charge or is this an electrical problem? My thought is battery since when we hooked the car up to my roommate's for a jump, she started right up. Then again, I'm not a car guy so I thought i would ask.

My light just dimmed on my instrument panel over the selector switch for the defrost/Floor/ Panel selector.
How do I change the bulb?

Emission code show that O2 sensor need replacing, as well as the Knocks sensor. Are the sensors easy to locate and replace. Should I get a tune up first?

The tail light is broken

has 46,600 miles on 8 year old car

No check engine lights or computer code indicates a problem, yet when the truck is brought out on the highway the RPM gauge oscillates quickly and the Xterra SE loses power, will stall out, and then will be difficult to start up again until you wait a few minutes. My usual mechanic had the truck for 2 weeks but could not recreate the problem in his garage and would not take it out on the highway because he did not want to get stuck. I picked up the truck last night and it broke down again on the highway with the same symptoms. I had it dropped at the Nissan Service center last night as my mechanic could not figure out the problem. Any ideas?

recently purchased 2002 Xterra , left dealership and speedometer/ odometer stopped working? any ideas ?

I replace the front rotors on my Xterra, and need to know the amount of torque I need to apply to lock the screws that hold them to the hub?

Fuses and relays are good, no chk engine or codes thrown? but it will not accelerate at all. TPS, ECM or ______? not sure where to look or what to look at? Starts, after 1-2 seconds it drops the dash instrumentation (guages etc all fall to bottom) and it will not accelerate? ANy help appreciated.

When pressing the driver's window switch there is no noise or anything. Have not noticed anything recently to trigger the problem (grinding, hesitation etc.). What might the problem be? FYI: The window is in the closed position and did not stop working while trying to operate it.