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Where is the ckp sensor locaded on nissan exterra 4 cylinders?
he engine light says service the engine soon when the engine oil has been changed
I was sitting at the mailbox and the Xterra just shut off. When I try to start it, it does nothing, but the dash lights and overhead lights come on and the radio won't come on. After trying to start it and turning t...
I recently had the valve cover gasket replaced on my 2000 Nissan and the 3 days later the head gasket blew. While they changed the valve cover gasket, they also resealed the intake manifold. Could changing the valve...
Need to replace head gasket to stop oil much would it cost me.
During long 8 hour freeway drive, "Service Engine Soon" light flashed when I passed or exceeded 2.5k RPM. As long as I did not exceed that RPM, or go up hills, the light remained off. Is this "trani" related or "cat...
Can someone give me a ballpark figure about the 90,000 mile service on my 2004 nissan xterra. I've gotten numbers from $250.00 to $500.00 and don't want to just take the dealers word for it. When I bought the car si...
Why does the ABS light stay on after engine has started? How do I get the the front Rotors off> Are lift kits avaiable for the 01 XTERAS?
At first they said bent in fan and bumper but now said measured and frame shorter and all needs replacing...Vehicle low miles and in great shape. If pull out frame they say won't be safe to drive? Something about ho...
My turn signals and hazards dont work. I need to know where is the electronic flasher switch located I need to change it?
which one is the bank 2 converter?
location of oil pressue switch
Does my Xterra has a timing chain or a timing belt? If a timing belt @ what milage it should be replaced? And how much (estimate)it will cost including labor,water pump, belts, seals etc. I appreciate ur assistance. T...
Service center suggested a need to repack wheel bearings for cost of $285. Is repacking the same as replacing? Is to be expected for 60k miles ?
I had to remove the TPS in order to change the cap and rotor, I also changed spark plugs, wires, air filter, and fuel filter. When I drove the vehicle afterwards, I got code P0122, and P0300 which I checked were TPS ...
How difficult is valve cover gasket replacement. I did all my maintenance years ago when cars were not computers on wheels and I had more time.
the pressure gauge started to read high and I was told that it was the sending unit, but i cant locate it on the vehicle.
Loud rattling noise only starts when the truck runs a mile or two and that too when stopped and on gear. When I shift to neutral the noise disappears. Also when I am driving the rattling noise disappears. I also notic...
just out of the blue my temperature changed on its own from warm to cold then back again.
how do I change thermostat on my nissan
service engine light on how do I fix
My car was towed and now i have it back. I put the key in the ignition and started it, no problem. Got home and the key would not come out. Tried every thing, moving form park to neutral and back, also removed the cov...
when i go to put gas in my truck no matter how much is in it
My sister has a VDC light on her dash and wants to know what that means
The heat will not warm up unless the car is moving.
Manual states ABS system problem. Is this a DIY repair?
I had parked my car to go shopping came back out started up fine but when I tried to go in reverse it wouldn't budge. But it will go forward. It just started doing this tonight.
The car at times sounds like it is being driven over the graded safety strips on the side of the highway. Sound stops if you stop accelerating. Anyone else have this problem.
how do you change the passenger side headlight on the 2001 Nissan Xterra