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whine in tranmisson, took to dealer, addded transmission fluid, still has whine, mechanic says probably transmission pump needs replacing, what would be the total cost
feels like it is pulling from one side to the other
i took to firestone today due to some clanging at times in my moter of a 07 nissan versa.was to know could the tension be broke causing this and could there be more wronge and how much to have had the car...
Is this not covered on the 60,000 mile power-train warranty?
My husband and I are able to start our 2008 Niesan Versa but when we attempt to shut it down we are not able to turn the key to the lock position and remove the key from the ignition. Also, will this run the battery ...
How can I open my glove box with what tool? and where to connect it? Thanks in advance Yvan
my ac has a loud sound and i was told that somthing is clogging it and nissan wants 400 dollars just for labor
Dealership says they have this problem frequently. It could be fixed by putting hardware cloth (wire) under the heater box. I had the heater replaced by the dealer but my regular mechanic said that they should have p...
after reducing speed from highway to a stop car feels like it sputters and wants to cut off shimmies a lil recacthes and seems fine.
knocking began at about 1200 miles dealer says it is nothing.
Looks like scratches are about 2x2 running top to bottom
Passenger side brake light bulb is out. I want to replace it.
we drive to a destination then stop from 1/2 to 1 1/2 hours and the airbag in the steering wheel feels very hot while none of the other equipment in the vicinity does. Why
and scratched it does any one know were i can take to fix for a good prise,and still make my car look like new.
most times after i turn off the car the key wont come out of the igniotion. i have to try several times and for some time until i can take it out. the steering wheel seems to lock itself automatically when the car is ...
I have a 2007 nissan versa, making rattling sound all the time. It has 86K miles on it, bought at 83K. I had changed the oil at 83K (Castrol edge)and as per the advice, changed my oil with flush (NAPA)to remove the ...
when I start my car in the morning, the knocking is heavy and I can hear it all the time but low after engine is heated up. Car has 85K miles on it. I dont know whether it is the problem with ignition timing or spar...
Is it under the hood or in glove compartment?
The passenger side drive shaft is bent due to a small accident and I would like to repair it myself if possible.
Whenever i drive really fast or put the sports mode on while driving fast, the steering wheel gets realllyyyyyyy hard. i own a nissan tilda/latio from Singapore. It is a 2007 model. I live in St.Lucia. I love this car...
while on the highway I ran over a muffler in the middle of the highway. I immediately got on the shoulder of the highway. The should was a little high so as I got on the shoulder the muffler stayed on the ground. In t...
I took my car to get tires and they said the rear passenger ball joint is bad. When I was looking up information, it appears that I may have to replace the entire rear suspension system to fix this. Is that right?
How do you replace bulb in tail light
The lens cover is broken but the lights are intact
how do i turn off and on air bag 2
I have did the replace air in all tire including the spare drove around for 10 miles light is still on? what next.
How to reattach loose bumper