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"My 2004 Nissan Quest has the SLIP, BREAK, TCS and relative lights on and is giving problems shifting into drive but will go into reverse just fine. What is causing this? Sensor? Chip? Thank you"
Truck has 74000 miles. noise started just this past week. No warning lights come on, just the ding. Similar to seatbelt warning sound. Any idea what it is? I love my truck but it's driving my nuts doing this!
no service engine soon light on. it will also start right up again Mileage is suffering too
Is there a baffle (?)behind the dash that can leak?
My 2012 chevy Colorado did the same thing, although I don't know what they did to resolve it. Thinking a short in the system, but don't know where to look. Help!
My 2012 NV2500 25K miles alternator belt broke today. It's at a Nissan dealership. What causes the belt to break?
2005 350z 143000 A couple months ago I was driving and the gas pedal just went to the floor . I had to coast to pullover and turn the ignition several times to get the engine to start again. It did it a...
do i have a post temp sending unit? Or do i just have the thermostate changed.
My Cube has approx. 40 K miles. At my last oil change performed by Nissan. The tech noted motor mounts showing wear. Is this a problem with the Cube?
it had been sitting and i started it with out thinking now i am having a hard time starting . it i replaced the fly wheel starter and fuel filter .. i also neeed to know if there is a certain way the drive line goes o...
Hi, I am unable to remove the faceplate for the climate control unit. I have removed the 2 top screws and 1 inside the ashtray location. the bottom of the face will not come off. There is another plastic faceplate bel...
The car did sit for a few weeks before purchase. It turn over and does not "drag" but takes plenty attempts brfore starting
It seems like the transmission is not going to go I pull over for about 2 minutes then crank back up then it just go like it had no problem.
It just happened last night while I was driving, I noticed the needle on H. Help
On my y 92 pathfinder where is the idle speed control. Plz dont laugh.
I just changed the fuel pump in this car. Right afterwards, I even drove it and it ran fine. It does have an alarm installed. Is it possible that there's some kind of a reset button that needs to be hit since I did...