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when u turn the truck off it has like a gurgling sound or something like tht coming from the fuel tank.Only does it after trucks been running or whn its hot outside
I went to get in my car and the clutch went down but won't come up
I don't recall receiving a letter in the mail on this. Can this be done at Best service in Cloquet, Mn. 55720
I was sitting in car, ready to start motor, touched brakes and heard a clicking noise behind glove box/airbag area, and also in shifter box between front seats. Brakes are new. Is this normal?
It only happens when the car has sat awhile after that it doesn't happen while driving.
I bought a remanufactured window regulator thinking the motor might be dead, however, upon replacing the new part the window will only go down and will not go up. Both the driver controls and the rear control switchs...
I have been chasing VDC problems with a myriad of "guesses" for solutions including a $4300 translmission that only made it worse I need to give up on Nisson. I can't afford to pay for the "fix" of the day.
Fan does not work. Indictor lights not working or any of the controller functions. Fuses good. Swapped relays good.
"Gently" used vehicle, no towing or off road use.
My truck is making a tapping sound like the LIFTERS are tapping but it doesn't have LIFTERS
My truck making a tapping sound like the LIFTERS are tapping but it doesn't come with LIFTERS
No leaks. No getting hot. Ac blows cold. now it has a rough idle And check engine light Is on. Wtf! Help? Lol it is aluminum block so it it warped? Or the head warped? I seen where the head gasket blew. Well close.......
How does a rebuilt or used engine cost for a 1998 Nissan Altima?