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I bought a remanufactured window regulator thinking the motor might be dead, however, upon replacing the new part the window will only go down and will not go up. Both the driver controls and the rear control switchs...
And still same, no power, bad idle, almost $2400 and still same. Only codes O2 sensors heaters. And they are new oem. Sentra from hell please help
My car is making a thumping sound when I turn and pulling hard to the right.I have had all the front end replaced, front structs, tie rod end, control arm and the power steering.
Car will run, transmission engages and tires spin for a little while, then they stop without the brakes being pressed. Any ideas on whats causing this?
Just recently bought some parts from 4 Seasons (or Everco by 4 Seasons) and wanted to get people's opinion on the company's products. Is it reliable or not? When I mentioned the company to my mechanic felt more rel...
but somebody cut the stock radio harness out cant that be the problem because the brake butten goes in ant out wat could the peoble be???
1997 Nissan Sentra 4cyl. 1.8 remove exsiting motor and replace.
the car had irregular rhythm, took it in for servicing but problem persisted only for the car to refuse to start till date
Linkage looks ok and fluid level is right. Steering wheel will turn but the wheels won't. It has happened twice. Car has 120,000 miles. Steering is not stiff.
Just started, idle always had to be a bit high. can rev it up while at a standstill. but as soon as its under load theres no power. Looking at other qs Im thinking egr vaive, How can i check?
the end gear broke off in transmission how to get it out
I have tried to slam the hood, knock the steering wheel, the dash board, the fuse box, etc. Sometimes it works sometimes it not. Probably tomorrow or next day, if I find the car in a good mood, it will start at the fi...
Sentra 2005 have code po1138 change intake manifold with swirl valve but still getting the same code what else can i do . And after removal of intake fuell line and reconecting it now have a humming sound in side of c...
What is a good brand? I had mine replaced in August and the check engine lite is on again. The computer keeps saying that it's a faulty sensor (I think the code is p100)
I just Installed a new exaust system.