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each time i buy a nother one it last for a few days and goes right back to the same stalling no powerand hard starting

It will roll down but won't roll up

changed crankshaft sensor and now when i use my headlights my battery goes dead

Replaced wires. Have power going into distributor but no spark is the a mishap that could be fried or do I needed a new distributor?

Is it possible to reassemble the existing fan blade back onto the fan motor on my 97 Sentra GXE

When I go to start the car, it will start up and run for a second and then the rpm needle will start bouncing. When I give it gas, it makes a "bolllll" noise and eventually dies. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

You can hear sound in the steering when moving.

the diagnostic test said the solenoid is faulty.

when i drive my car for 5 hours or more and turn it off, and crank it back up i am unable to drive more than 10 miles an hour. It has only did it once when i was backing up. It seem when the car cools off it drives normal.

I changed cks sensor and spark plugs still having trouble starting car. Mechanic at job does not think fuel pump or starter. wiring.

A shop quoted me $900 for the part alone, this seems really steep. They told me it's because it only comes as 1 piece and is harder to get due to New York emissions. Are they pulling my chain?

every time I drive up a ramp or a small bump, a thump noise will come from my front tire and I don't know what it is..

I've changed the gadgets and spark plugs. The check engine light is not on, what might be problem?

I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra that has done only 15000 miles. Whn I put the car in reverse, I felt some resistance, so I stepped on the accelerator and the car jumped and sped forward instead of in reverse. and had a collision. What could be the cause? The car is at a body shop to repair the damage from the accident. What all needs to be looked into so that this does not recur ?

i tried carbueter cleaner thats all otherwise it runs great

Can I put brake pads and rotors fr a1994 Nissan sentra gxe on a 1996 Nissan sentra gxe?

i replaced the cat and all four o2 sensors and i drove over 100 miles going through the reset cycles and still the computer reading not ready.