2007 Nissan Sentra 2.0 manual. I just replaced the plugs, boots (between the plug and the coil) and one coil due to a misfire on one cylinder. At that time the car was shuddering badly under load. That problem has gone away, but now there is different shudder. Hard to explain, but I will try. As I slow down the car will seem to coast for moment, but then it seems to grab the gear kind of hard, causing a jerking of the car. At the same time, if I hit the accelerator while coasting, it does kind on the same thing when grabbing the gear. If I'm driving kind of slow at a moderate rpm the car will shudder,or jerk back and forth, alternating between jerking when the gear grabs while slowing down and jerking when the gear grabs accelerating.

Told to look for vacuum hose that may be disconnected, but where? Under dash? do I have to take dash apart? Repair shop only or could I do this?

When the car is runnings sometime turn off and the check light is on

driving on highway for 10 min got off driving about 35mph when car quit. All lights AC/radio still on but engine quite. Won't restart even after more than an hour. Starter engages and turns but engine doesn't start. first time problem.

They want to charge me at the Nissan dealer, over 700.00 I can't afford that. Other places have said Nissan has a monopoly on it in our city and thats why they have such high prices. Other places have said that the part is 50.00 and costs 100.00 to install.

at first it was stuck in park and windows wouldn't go up . replaced a fuse so why my car won't change gears?

First time it deactivated after about 30 seconds. Today I had to unplug the horn. Any suggestions or possible other complications?

each time i buy a nother one it last for a few days and goes right back to the same stalling no powerand hard starting

It will roll down but won't roll up

changed crankshaft sensor and now when i use my headlights my battery goes dead

Replaced wires. Have power going into distributor but no spark is the a mishap that could be fried or do I needed a new distributor?

Is it possible to reassemble the existing fan blade back onto the fan motor on my 97 Sentra GXE

When I go to start the car, it will start up and run for a second and then the rpm needle will start bouncing. When I give it gas, it makes a "bolllll" noise and eventually dies. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

You can hear sound in the steering when moving.

the diagnostic test said the solenoid is faulty.

when i drive my car for 5 hours or more and turn it off, and crank it back up i am unable to drive more than 10 miles an hour. It has only did it once when i was backing up. It seem when the car cools off it drives normal.

I changed cks sensor and spark plugs still having trouble starting car. Mechanic at job does not think fuel pump or starter. wiring.

A shop quoted me $900 for the part alone, this seems really steep. They told me it's because it only comes as 1 piece and is harder to get due to New York emissions. Are they pulling my chain?

every time I drive up a ramp or a small bump, a thump noise will come from my front tire and I don't know what it is..