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I change parts on my car and the light is on.
Car just started cutting off while I was driving! mostly apon stopping or pulling off from a stop. Did the daily sometimes several times a day for week then engine light came on 81,000 miles..any ideas..did a check on...
Vehicle has a warning light on panel which looks like a horseshoe, or possibly a headset, with an exclamation point on the inside.
It's usually when I'm trying to steer around something or backing out of the drive. When I turn real sharp it makes a loud popping sound under the front end.
i have changed all 4 oxygen sensors and replaced the flex pipe. i am still getting obd2 codes po 430 and po153 without the engine light on. what next should i try?
Driving Vehicle At Any Giving Time Idle Get Erratic And Engine Buck & Jerk
My gas pedal stuck when I tried to stop at a light, had to throw the car in park, it caused an accident
my car jerks when I drive over 40mph and I don't know why. I'm guessing it's something with the engine that's what it feels like when I'm driving. My car is old so the service engine soon light pops off and on but whe...
When you kill it it floods and wont start again until letting it sit for ample time. I have replaced fuel pump, filter, regulator, spark plugs,air filter.and cleaned the MAF sensor I checked the return fuel line and t...
i was told to purchase a new gas tank
Start then once I get it started it idles fine no problems running or driving once it cranks I've been told that this model does this and for me to turn the switch to on sore about 5 seconds to let the fuel get to it ...
Both bulbs were burned out. Replaced them. All fuses checked and good (inside fuse box and under hood fuse box). No other electrical issues.
My car is Nissan Sentra 2013. the Mechanic offered that this will extend the life of Braking Pad and Rotor.
have this problem since 3-4 years, will start only after 2-3 cranks, was doing all services in time not sure what is causing problem, spark plugs replaced etc., Some times it starts in first attempt, have asked othe...
Is still doing it, even after losing near 1/4 tank of petrol! Could smell petrol in the beginning, but no longer. Terrible fuel loss!
I have tried 3 new fuel pumps but still no fuel to the fuel rail.I even tried relays.i can hear the pump kick in but no fuel.the fuel line is clear and filter is new.Need help!
When on the highway the sound is like the car is idled but it's not. The sound stops when I turn the corner. Could this be the wheel bearing or do I just need a new set of tires?
I recently got a new starter and timing chain. Usually in the mornings or at night after not driving for some time (5+ hours) the car will not start the first time after you crank it. Usually it takes a few times in o...