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How much does it cost for me to have the water pump and alernator changed? Is it worth to spend more money on this car when I already have over 200,000 miles on it. I have been cheated a lot in the car shop, due to my ignorance. Please advise.

I also have a Honda Accord 02, I was told to have it tune up. I am not sure if i should do that, I have about 96,000 miles on it. I did have the belt changed last June and the mechanic did not do good because when i picked it up, it did make a terrible sound specially when I am turning. When I brought it back, i was told that there was no problem. When I drove out of the driveway and making a wide turn, that is the time that they heard the sound and decided to fix it. Where in the world, could I find somebody that I could trust and not overcharged me. Please advise. Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon.


Where is the catalytic converter located on a 2011 Sentra SE-R Spec V?

Automatic Transmission won't shift out of low. The car has reverese but went put into drive it stays in low gear and won't upshift.

heater only works when it's set to the highest level which is 4.....1-3 doesnt work?

rear wheels locked up, told need calipers, rotors and disc for rear breaks for over $1000 i have a 2001 nissan sentra

I have an oil leak, as well as for the last 3 weeks I have been having to put power steering fluid in every week. I wonder if I have a plug loose with my steering fluid? Were do I look for the plug to check it? As for the oil leak I wonder if I need a new oil pan?

SES light on, code P1446, how much would it cost to replace vent valve hose and evap cannister. The dealship wont over under warrenty - said I was driving offroad conditions. Can you recommend honest repair shop.

My car was damaged... I had a front oil leak and took it to get it fix by someone who does work on the side... ( bad move)but little $ so... anyway he destroyed my car took my money and sold the part I purchased and seal the leaks with the (car = to glue) he also jammed my keys into the ignition and it will not come out and damaged the automatic gear shifter(not the transmission the stick itself)where it is now sliding from gear to gear... I took it to meineke and was give a price of $2067.60 to repair everything. My insurance will not cover it because I don't have that coverage. What should I do... this is my only car and I live miles from everything...please help. Thank you in advance.

install remote starter

Although there is no abnormal sounds, the brake pedal seems softer then normal and goes almost to the floor in order to stop the car. Brake fluid was added but still seems too soft. I was told recently when the tires were replaced that the brake pads were good so is it time for a brake job?

when my heater comes on it starts smelling like rubber burning, then the smell stops, then it will start up again after awhile. What is causing that?

Power window (driver's side) not functioning. Need to install replacement switch. Is this a DIY job or should I leave it to the pros.

It squeals usually every time I turn the wheel all the way in either direction (left and right). Seems to be getting worse as time goes by. Power steering fluid level was actually a little too high. Could too much fluid cause noise? What else could it be?

could someone please tell me where the crankshaft position sensor is on my 2004 nissan sentra, or where i can get a diagram showing where it is thank you so mu8ch

what special steps are needed to set timing correct?

Does anyone know where the number 1 cylinder is?

I want to know what to do if a dealership or independent car repair place wants to over charge for their services that are not consistent with Is there an organization that they can be reported to? What is your opinion on this? Also, is there a list of vendors that follow prices? please advise....Thank you

how do you check your coils to see if they are bad and also how do you replace them in a 2004 nissan sentra

keeps leaking but cant see where from

my heat only blows when the car is moving and when i'm at a red light it starts blowing cold air as soon as i start going again it gets hot,the faster i go the hotter it gets.i'v put a new thermastat in,a new water pump.flushed out the heater core and the radiator looks like new.what can i do next?

where is the relay switch on my nissan,the cover does not say witch one it is

When I depress my gas pedal it is making a popping sound? What gives?

My sentra has 225,000 miles and i have noticed when i depress my gas pedal it pops and I know it should not be doing that. What has failed or is failing.

can anyone tell me how to change the catalytic converter, what do i need to remove and the easiest way to do it. thanks

I own an '06 Sentra with 49K miles. When should i do the timing belt/water pump & how much should I expect to pay?

i here a ticking sound when i excelerate i started hearing nois when i change the alternator i check ok on tightness do i have to replace the timing chain or just adjust the chain tensioner if a do need to change let me know or if i just have to turn the tension let me know clock-wise or counter clock wise.

P1148 (pd)Closed Loop Fault Detected (Bank 1)
P1276 (pd)Thermostat Function
P0128 (pd)coolant Thermostat (Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating Temperature)
P0011 (pd)

My brother bought a used car at a dealership and the check engine light was on they stated that they top all fluids, change oil, and spark plugs. When I check for the error codes it was not fix by dealership and dealership did not disclose the problem before it was sold does this fall under lemon law? Please help my brother just bought recently.

A friends car that brought it to me for help. Car starts and runs fine. the buzzing starts and the Bat and another warning light to the left of it comes on. Buzzing sound is traced to the white wire block behind the drivers leg kick plate. Wiggle the block, buzzing may stop or continue. Problem is'nt constant ,comes and goes.?

The third air mass meter just blew??? Bad meters? or what else can be making the new meters blow?

what could be the cause of dash gauges not working? blinkers lights radio are all fine