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Drivers side Power Window goes down slow or not at all and once down needs manual help to be put back.
wont crank,fuel pressure ok,no spark at plugs.
when its running the head lights flicker when you give it gas they get real bright let off the gas they start flickering again like the engin loses power and theres a clicking noise under the dash the engin light bli...
Remote does not work consistently. How do I change battery on 4 button remote?
My gas tank leaks. How hard is it to replace?
my 1996 sentra takes gear but it's difficult
seems like my fuel pump wont stop pumping keeps flooding my motor change spark plugs new one floods out right away, dont know want wrong?
How much would it cost to buy a starter for the 1991 nissan sentra?
how many quarts is needed to fill up transmission when accidentally drained?
I want to estimated cost of having rear brakes replaced.
how come my brake lights work but not my tail lights dont work on my 1992 nissan sentra?
What would be average cost of rear brake replacement with wheel balancing and tire rotation?
I was driving and check engine light came on, hooked up the scanner and it gave me 3 codes P0335 crankshaft position sensor "A" - circuit malfunction; P1336 Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKPS) (REF) (COG) and P1336 P/D....
my car stopped running suddenly. AAA put a new battery in and it ran for two trips. The car was towed to a local mechanic and they said it was the engine computer sensor system. the cost of replacing it are close to ...
Where is the dip stick to put the tranmission fluid in?
How to replace the fuel filter
my horn it's not working
I have checked the EGR valve and it works good . I need to know how to check air lead . Need to know where the selonoid is that works the vacuum. Thank you!
my brake lights go off when i press down on them.
After the car has been parked for while and you begin driving it again, there is a bumping noise in the right front. That's the only time it does it until the car is parked again and driven after being parked.
I noticed that the roof mounted antenna does not have the wire wrapped around it that I understand reduces air noise. Could this be the noise I'm hearing coming from the rear of the car while on the highway?
My car clicks turning left or right, especially tight turns. I was told that I need to replace both front axles, in fact, they were dangerous! I don't hear or feel any grinding or weirdness when I turn, is this mechan...
Recently my Sentra has given me trouble on 3 different occasions with starting. All of them have been warm starts. I will run in someplace quick and come back to start it and it wont even attempt to turn over. I thoug...
My car shakes bad when at high speeds, and sometimes at low speeds. The brake pedal gets hard, and I can smell the brakes when it comes to a complete stop.
i own a 95 nissan sentra, (automatic) it was running fine but all of a sudden i start it and it starts & idles fine but the check engine lights on, the problem is when i drive i get lot of hesitation like it surges,...
what is the spacing for the replacement spark plugs
wiper motor on driver side stopped working, how to fix?
how can i slove my car throwing black smoke after it start and idle rough
I have been away for a week and no one has touched my car. When I got home I turned on the car and it shook for about 20 seconds, then ran normally. I drove to work. When I left work and turned the car on it began to ...