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I drive my car, turn it off and I have to let it sit for 5mns or so so it can turn on, New Battery, charging light in NOT on, everything normal except it doesnt even crank. I did notice that at all times the crank is a slow one althouth the car does start. Anyone have this issue and how did you fix it?

Can the catalytic converter cause white smoke to come out the exhaust also.

it has tubro kit labor cost ?

My odometer turns over very slowly not reflecting actual miles traveled.

Have already verified that this is the part that needs to be replaced. Is this a dealer only item or can anyone give me an idea where else I may be able to purchase. I've not had much luck finding it anywhere.

At first I was having trouble with the Service Engine light coming on. I began having more an more trouble with filling up the tank. It would want to shut off after putting 1/2 gallon in. I had it checked and was told it showed a problem with the emmissions (EVAP purge control valve). The service light was cleared and then, yesterday the car just quit running while I was driving. The Engine Control Fuse had blown. I found out that the ;urge valve is one of the four things the fuse controls. Is it possible for that to have caused the fuse to blow. I don't want to spend $100+ without verifying that this is my problem. Any ideas?

My front windshield defroster vents do not blow out any air when I turn it on. But my vents blow air fine whenever I have the heat/A/C on and blowing at me AND works fine when I use the rear defrost. What could the problem be? I was told maybe a fuse or relay...but when I tried to located the fuse for the front windshield defroster/defogger, I couldn't find one.


When the car is driven at a speed of 40 or more it sounds as though it is at a high idle. The rpm stay at a little over 2 during this time. What could be the problem?

My alternator to my Nissan Sentra I had replaced as I was not getting a full charge on the Battery. The Alternator was from a junk yard. Now after about 6 months the same problem has occured. My check engine light has always been a major problem. Could that have burned out the Alternators Voltage regulator?

recommend engine oil for 1994 nissan sentra

We bought this car two days ago off of craigslist. We went to get it smogged that same day and it turns out the guy we bought it from had disconnected the battery (probably to make the "check engine" light turn off). When we got the monitor to activate the day after, we got code PO172. I think there was another code but I don't remember the number. I think it said "catalyst" somewhere but I'm not completely sure about that.

My husband took the car to a mechanic today and was charged $65 for them just to find th problem in the first place. They called us back and said that one catalytic converter was missing (the back one) and that another one was messed up and had to be replaced (the front one). I know nothing about cars as you can tell. Mechanic said it was going to cost us $1700 because we can only get them from nissan directly.

Is this too much money to pay? I have a feeling it is.

I was wondering if I could just go to a muffler shop and get them welded on...?

Or can i just get the parts online?

I have no clue any and all advice is appreciated.

p.s. the car doesn't make any weird noises and runs well.

...I just found out I can't buy catalytic converters online because I live in California... GREAT!!!!

i need help to locate the senor so i can replace the part if needed.

We have changed the Throttle Position Sensor and the Idle Air Control Valve, and the car still goes dead when you put it in drive. There is no diagnostic code. What could it be?

i am having problems with my check engine light coming on i replaced the air filter reset the light and it just came back on i need help to locate the sensor i took it a buddy to check the code for the problem it was P0110 can anybody help thank you

My brake lights will not go out even when the car is turned off


how do i change the harmonic balancer

I have no heat in the car until I drive at hyw speed then there is lots. Car does not overheat and I flushed the heater core out with a garden hose and it was clean. Thermostat is new and the rad has also been flushed. If the pump fails, would it not overheat the engine? Thank you

gas will not pump in to tank gas attendent told me that the vent in the gas tank is cloged how do i get this fixed and how much will it cost thank you

I heard noise in my car

Recently the steering wheel started shaking at low speed. What could be causing this?
Also, the "check engine" light is staying on, why?

Sometimes while i'm driving the car will give a little tug (like an acceleration) and the rpm needle starts to jump up and down and then it will stay at zero. My engine light will also turn on and go off a few days later. What could cause this?

My Sentra has 90,000 miles on it. Today I noticed it was making a whirring noise that mainly happened when I was accelerating. Any ideas what this could be?

3 weeks ago i was coming home from school and downshifted to second gear to accelerate up my hill in my neighborhood and pushed the accelerator and there was nothing the car just shut off silently but the power was still on, and would not crank back up. the engine was turning over but wouldn't start. like it was out of gas. but i had 3/4 of a tank. My mechanic and the dealership both told me that there diagnostics said that it was was the ecm. Had the ECM re-built but the mechanic put it back in and said it still wasn't starting, so i sent it back to the place that re-built it and they are currently looking at it to see if they missed something. if the ecm turns out being ok, what could be the problem?

How much does it cost for me to have the water pump and alernator changed? Is it worth to spend more money on this car when I already have over 200,000 miles on it. I have been cheated a lot in the car shop, due to my ignorance. Please advise.

I also have a Honda Accord 02, I was told to have it tune up. I am not sure if i should do that, I have about 96,000 miles on it. I did have the belt changed last June and the mechanic did not do good because when i picked it up, it did make a terrible sound specially when I am turning. When I brought it back, i was told that there was no problem. When I drove out of the driveway and making a wide turn, that is the time that they heard the sound and decided to fix it. Where in the world, could I find somebody that I could trust and not overcharged me. Please advise. Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon.


Where is the catalytic converter located on a 2011 Sentra SE-R Spec V?

Automatic Transmission won't shift out of low. The car has reverese but went put into drive it stays in low gear and won't upshift.

heater only works when it's set to the highest level which is 4.....1-3 doesnt work?

rear wheels locked up, told need calipers, rotors and disc for rear breaks for over $1000 i have a 2001 nissan sentra