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A week before it stalled with 1/4 tank of gas. put gas in and it started. then a week later the above happened. Any advice will help.
The car doesn't appear to coast well at times like a brake is on or it feels like intermittent braking is occurring.
Ive replaced spark plugs oil,air and gas filters and no sensors seem to operate well
I have a problem with the alarm system being activated with all the doors locked and when I try to open either the passenger or drivers side door the alarm will go off. I manage to disarm the alarm and able to start t...
How to remove the rotor
"My 2004 Nissan Quest has the SLIP, BREAK, TCS and relative lights on and is giving problems shifting into drive but will go into reverse just fine. What is causing this? Sensor? Chip? Thank you"
Whether hot or cold there is no performance. The van drives fine all day long but if I want to pass there is no absolute get-up-and-go. No check engine light and nothing new added and no recent repairs. Histori...
had a new engine put in because of this problem and still have the same noise.
It bogs down when I push the gas pedal fast like if im passing then dies on me. Idk if its the fuel pump, injectors or fuel filter. It happens everytime i drive it.
My car doesn't turn when I'm driving it just goes strait. When I want to turn the staring wheel is stuck and I struggle to turn. It feels like I'm going to break something
rear hatch will not open by electric switch only by manuel switch
I checked everything on all the doors, it all looks good to me
have checked everything, pushed the on off interior light switch etc, it does have a door open alarm on the dash panel, we cannot figure out where that is coming from either.
Or in the summer when the ac is on. It has a high idle and stalls sometimes from the heater being on. Then the abs light came on and slowly stopped working but I got a jump and made it to a parking lot
my clock and radio station numbers arent appearing on my nissan quest. can you please help me. also my number is 6318389631 if you would like to contact me
I've been having all kinds of driveability problemsincluding hard start I've eliminated everything everything goes back to the ECU please help
ini tially the fuel pump went outreplaced and found out that the regulator was bad alsowhere do the primary and secondary ignitioncheck the position distributor at number one cylinderall this is okaythe car starts bet...
Tired of replacing heater hoses and don't want to remove the intake (phlegm?).