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i am getting vibration in steering wheel when drivig about 55 mph on up-had four brand new tires installed and balance was double checked on them twice and no rims are bent and no tires are out of round-what else could it be?-what is best way to figure out if an axle is suspect?

Can not drive van in drive gear, but in the park gear. Hard to shift the handle into gears.

the distributor shaft bearing seized and I bought a new distributor. I turn the crankshaft until No 1cylinder comes top dead center and I inserted the distributor with the rotor point to No 1 cylinder but I couldn't find the position to start the car

would a timingchain keep the rotorbutton from turning or would it be the camshaft

My 2005 nissan quest won't start. It has gas and battery& fuses are good. It sounds like it wants to start but it won't. Any ideas?

truns over good but won't start and no spark coming from ingtion coilahd it checked and is good what else can i look for

engine misfires a computer scan revelead the following codes PO120-P1705

My gas pedal sticks. My brakes squeal and I put brake pads on the front. The back didn't need them. Replaced the brake line on the left front. The dimmer switch seems to be going out.

car shifts very hard won't shift until you reach 3500rpm out of low gear or any other gear. What could be the problem, has 157,000 miles, is it worth fixing

Our van has been running fine all winter,then today my wife pulls in somewhere and it tried to die on her.She turned the a/c off and it smoothed out.The van drove fine the rest of the way home.This happened a few times last summer but quit when the weather started to cool down.Thanks

I just replaced the front brake pads. I bled the lines & refilled with new fluid. I retightened the lines, put tires back on. I pumped the brakes to get them tight. Now whenever I put the van in drive or reverse and apply the brakes, it takes a long time for the brakes to hold and stop. What did I do wrong???

Our 94 Nissan Quest has trouble starting, especially while cold. It turns over but doesn't start, usually you must floor the gas several times to get it to turn over. Once it starts it runs great, no issues at all.
Checked cap and rotor, they look bad, not sure start here or if there's a more likely fix

a little over a year ago my service engine light came on and since the van was shifting hard I took it to amco for a diagnostic. the codes that came up were torque converter and engine knock sensor.I ended up buying a used transmission and things seemed ok but only for 3months. the van shifts hard once again and now it never shifts into any gear above 2nd. So my question is- should the focus be on the sensors at this point or did I just end up with another possibly bad transmission. The mechanic that installed the replacement tranny never did any of the "process of elimination" testing on the sensors that were listed in the diag codes. He just went straight for the transmission itself. Is it possible that the problem could be a sensor?

my rear running lights are not working in my van, yet brake,and turn lights work in rear.. as well as front. there are no fuses for just rear running lamps.. i just installed some lic plate lights two days ago that are led could that be problem

I am getting a code p0325. Looked it up on my innova 3100c and it is knock 1 sensor circuit bank 1. Where is this located at on the vehicle.

Antifreeze leaks by intek and falls to the exhaust
if the heater is on nothing happens

When turning the car on sometimes the gear shift just wants to stick and not move out of park, it seems to do it more when it was cold outside, and once the heater is running for a little while then it shifts. But today it is not cold outside and my husband was having difficulty shifting it. We keep jiggling it and then if finally shifts, then the rest of the day it seems to be ok

My a/c in my van blows out little air when I go on long trips.It starts off cold and blowing good then it gets warm and only alittle air blows out.

my van is over heating so i figured it was my thermostat so i changed it but it still over heats. is it the water pump and if so what steps do i take to remove the old one and replace it with a new one?

My daughter ran her van out of oil, I went toget it off the road, had to put 5 quarts of oil in the motor, it cranked right up but after 3 minutes the oil light comes on and the engine starts knocking @@, what shouod i do ??

can new seals be put in or do i need to replaces all and how do u do that

My Nissan Quest used to do 19.1 miles to the gallon and lately its been doing really bad on gas milage, instead of 19.1 its gone down to 13.5 miles to the gallon and gas is burning up very quickly.So my husband thinks it could be because the pcv valve needs to be replaced. He went out and bought the part but he cannot locate where the valve is located to replace it. It is not listed in the owners manual, and he has searched many websites to try and figure this out. So my question is this: Can you tell me exactly where this pcv valve is located in my engine/emissions area? Is this a part that can in fact be replaced by the owner with mechanical experience or is it one of those repairs that can only be done through the dealership?
Thankyou, Crystal Ciuba

how to change the wheel bearings do you need a press on tool

power steering pump was installed 3 weeks ago did not bleed the pump now it whinong again and making a bubbling noise is there a bleed valve on this pump

When I'm driving, the gage stays at cold, goes slowly to "M",
stays there for a few minutes; than goes quickly higher. After that smoke comes out from under hood.

Just recently I bough my Nissan Quest (1996), runs excellent, but I noticed that every time i turned on the fan I can smell kids start complaining but i can't figure out how to solve the problem...Is there anyone out there can help me?

my van used to work fine untill this morning but I noticed that some days before it was kind of having some trouble starting what can it be?

heater blower went out need to replace can i get to it from under the dash ect...

What could be the problem on my van if the check engine light comes on? It had happened twice in three weeks. The light went off quickly though.

Hi, last year my front AC was fine but rear AC will come on only after 5-10 minutes of driving; This year however, the rear AC never came on and the front AC was working on and off - it blows cold for a few minutes and then blows hot air. I thought it needed refill, but it took one can R134a and only worked for 10 minutes. So I tried to fill more but it won't take. I had it checked in a shop and was told the A/C compressor is fine but they don't know why it's not blowing cold. Any help please? Thanks. As a single female, everytme I take my car to a shop for one thing, always come out with a long "needed done now" list. And the best part is, within the same day, my "list" changes from shop to shop. So I am in hope to learn more before I go.
Thanks again!