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I have an oil leak dripping down onto my exhaust on the back of the block. Not sure where it is coming from. It looks like it's right above the exhaust flange. Real short on funds and experience...

I noticed there is a bolt missing from the exhaust flange on the back of the block. I have no idea what size the bolts are. Please help

wont go what could be the problem

All the time

I'm really not certain if the latch is broken or not and just may be something hung up inside of it. The latch does feel free and almost as if there was nothing catching it.

99 nissan quest, when in park the engine has is surging, not really idling rough just shacking a lot, then when i put it in gear with my foot on the brake the engine surges so bad the whole car is shacking, there are not check engine lights on, its not running hot, and it doesnt sound like it is misfiring

the alrm has been disable so i can be able to use my car ,but i have no inside panel lights inside the car,pleases help me i can't drive my car at nigth hav no ligths inside my my car,i pay for alarm to be disable because it wouldn't go off and i could not even open my door or start my car with that alarm on ,but now i have another issue with this car no ligths inside my car can't even drive car after 5pm no oddometter ligths.

my air conditioner doesn't turn off it's always running,all dials are off

blower relay motor on 2004 Nissan Quest

Both left and right side head lights fuses are good. Is the relay burned out?

Dont want to put too much pressure on hub and bearings

Its always with the van in drive waiting at a light. It gets kind of jumpy, like the car wants to take off. And while I'm driving I notice no issues at all. I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Can not figure out how to take off the pressure washer

Car runs and accelerates well but idles with a noticable shaking when warm. Tried a lot of things (check for vacuum leaks, new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, injector cleaner, cleaned MAF,fuel filter,etc. Noticed that giving the engine a slight rev by hand produces a single pop sound behind the engine on passenger side and will produce a P0300 code when the engine is hotown. Mechanic shown this and said there was a lose hose on a valve back there and reattached it. Pop sound was lower but still rough idle and still can produce P0300 codes as described above. Anyone have similar issues and advice would be appreciated.

cold air suddenly stopped. blowers blow hot air. is there a fuse or could it be the relay?

The van runs nicely with 100,000 miles, but the pcv has never been changed

cigarette lighter outlet no power

The wires to the bulb connector were cut to be used on another car. I retrieved them and spliced them back onto the original wires on the van. Now the lights on the passenger side won't come on at all. The bulb works, and there is electricity going through the wires but it don't come on. Drivers side works. Is there a ground or relay or fuse problem going on. HELP. Matt

Only seems to happen on a monthly basis

The front pads have been making noise for a week or so. When I noticed I bought the pads. Now I need a profesional to give me an estimate for installing them.

Nissan quest SE 2007

The fan only runs on the highest speed and not on positions 1,2 or 3 only on the last speed. Does the dashboard have to be removed? Thanks

My 1994 Nissian Quest stalls when trying to go and speeds up.Lately It's been losing water,overheating and quiting.Any suggestions?

When I turn the dial to position 1,2 or 3, air does not come out and only on position 4 do I get a lot of cold air. Does that mean a sensor is out and what do I purchase and details how to fix it is needed? Thanks


does a 2002 nissan quest have a cabin airfilter? where is it located

It just started this week and it has gotten worse. It will turn over but it won't start. After a little time trying to start it, it will start. It runs great after it starts. What can the problem be?

How do I remove broken headlight cover on the passenger side of my 2007 Nissan Quest?

drove home from work no problems went out later to take kids to lake an it wont start all electrical comes on but it wont even try to start cant here nothing but the fuel pump activating

i came home from work turned off van locked doors came out later to take my kids to the lake unlocked door with key tryed to start van all lights radio and windows work but van wont start doesnt make a sound except for the fuel pump kicking in