Wasn't sure if I should put some kind of gasket or seal behind the timing chain tensioner or if it just goes metal-to-metal

power to starter, headlights, but not to signals, radio, wipers, heater motor, no dash lights, open door signal etc.

I bought this truck it ran good for a minute then started to die on me.I looked over the vehicle and seen the modulator valve busted up. The line was spliced with a rubber hose. The hose was clogged up. Could this be my only problem or what other problems could this cause

Mitroca cascabelea y bibra

Doesnt do it when it needs the gas, or when completely off of the gas. Only in between. Barely giving it the gas is when it happens. It does not matter how fast I am going.

Replaced rotor, cap, wires, plugs, fuel filter on fender and MAF sensor.
Removed muffler and catalytic converter.
Also replaced the blown head gasket.
Any time the engine revs to 2750 rpm (moving or sitting still) it jerks yet up to that rpm it runs fine.

Does anyone have a solution?

and won't stay up when i pull it up with by hand. clutch won't work at all.

I recently changed the starter and ingnition switch thinking it would fix the problem and still nothing I have to ouch start it everytime for it to turn on

Then it just stops won't even crank why?

Problem just started. Truck is off and parked for the nite. look outside and lights are turned on. Why and how can i fix it?. Truck is a hard body

I replaced the ignition switch and the starter relay. I try to turn it over and it just clicks once from the ignition area in the cab. I also checked the clutch safety switch and it's good. I took the starter/selinoid off and had it tested, it's good. I can start the vehicle if I touch a wire straight from the selinoid to the battery, but that's a pain. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

And where is the bleeding value at?

Engine stumbles on acceleration. Using more fuel than normal. Recently replaced Throttle positioning senor because it was throwing a code. Help!

cant find speed sensor

Even when I push the clutch ALL the way in, the starter will not engage all of the time. Is there a switch that I can replace??

Checked mass air flow sensor and crank postion sensor and i have fuel pressure and spark. What next?

There is a constant, loud ticking noise coming from top end of the motor.

What will cause it to miss every o once in a while then run good

replace fuel pump?

Truck won't turn over at all. The switches that are next to my brake pad can this be bypassed. I think they maybe bad. Automatic transmission switches not working

Am I crazy? I want to use it to tow my 600 lb Sunline Sunspot camper.
Should I trust it for long trips? No frame rust , standard has a high scream for a few minutes when I start it. I put a small sum on it to hold it until Wed. It is 1000.00 for the truck. Hardly any body rust. Little around doors and a little blistering over the back passenger wheel panel. Also at start hard to turn wheel , I think it will build muscles. Ok, let me know if I'm crazy or get the damn thing! Liz