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when I drop back to 45mph the overdrive comes back an at 46 to 5omph it kicks out of overdrive....
steering has a wobble ball joint look bad
Was coasting down hill in neutral put cluch in heard loud noise clutch went to floor was able to pull it back up.Couldn't put into ANY gears while its runing. Starts fine but no gears.Started it in gear it started but...
I already have changed the oxygen sensor installed new spark plugs and found some vacuum tubing that needed to be changed. Gas cap appears to seal tight. Where do I go from here?
I have a 1994 Nissan truck and a 1989 Nissan truck both have a 2.4 motor in it. I am wanting to do a engine swap in my 1989 would the motor from the 1994 fit in it. The 1989 is a 4x4 single cab and the 1994 is a 2wd e...
some have said they have 3 some said 2 some said you had to replace the whole drive shaft.someone vibrates bad when you let off the gas and before you change gears.
seconds,turned screw all way back.Light flashes 4 times about every 10 seconds Found that if you turn key on turn screw clockwise while you are waiting 5 seconds light starts flashing 1 2 3 4 5 Then repeats, then if y...
I need to replace the drivers side front fender and grill
the noise does not start until I have been driving for about 10 miles or so
I parked the truck at 1am. Returned at 7am to find that there was a fire in the steering column. How could that happen?
Have used colored leak detector, does not show up anywhere. I was told may be in the evaporator, can someone tell me where ths is located and how to check it?
I have spark at the cylinder and holding 165 lbs of compression and also changed out the injector on that cylinder and the injector is pulsating. can the port from the injector to the cylinder be plugged? I had two ot...
no service engine soon light on. it will also start right up again Mileage is suffering too
Changed spark plugs wires distributor cap and rotor still doing it its pulling coats for the air flow meter and O2 sensor injector leak and injector circuit
The tow truck bumped me from behind on day of accident but I haven't drove it in 2 days & now it doesn't want to start
Seams like it's flooded tries to start but won't fire.
i have replaced the 10 amp fuse and the brake switch
R r transmission
A few months ago, while driving, engine seized and truck continued to roll. I have since replaced the engine and now it will not go into any gear