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I have been chasing VDC problems with a myriad of "guesses" for solutions including a $4300 translmission that only made it worse I need to give up on Nisson. I can't afford to pay for the "fix" of the day.
I took it to the dealer. They feel that having a pillow case underneath the seat caused the break. I beg the differ. I feel it a defect and should be repaired sould be done accordlingly.
I am a Do It Myself kind of car owner and I have a leaking valve cover. How difficult would this be to do myself?
Wen i tried turning it.on it.wouldnt was.on my way home and it.turn off now it.dont wanna start at all and it.makes a weird sound
It lock/unlock ok but I can't open the door from in/outside the truck
I have a 2001 Pathfinder with 170K miles. I didn't drive it for 4 weeks and it began stalling. Assuming water in the tank I added high octane water remover. Before it began to take effect I smelled a very strong burni...
Happen b4. Switch some type of o ring
Truck just turn off running ICM was burn got new cods 1611,1612,1614.
Hi, I am unable to remove the faceplate for the climate control unit. I have removed the 2 top screws and 1 inside the ashtray location. the bottom of the face will not come off. There is another plastic faceplate bel...
It just happened last night while I was driving, I noticed the needle on H. Help
On my y 92 pathfinder where is the idle speed control. Plz dont laugh.
I just changed the fuel pump in this car. Right afterwards, I even drove it and it ran fine. It does have an alarm installed. Is it possible that there's some kind of a reset button that needs to be hit since I did...
My Pathfinder is surging most @ start up. So i pulled codes, I got 2 different codes 23 (idle control valve ) &45 (injector leaking). My question is how do I determine which injector it is? What is the electrical spec...
The AC works fine when I push "Auto", however when I push "Off" it continues to blow, however only from the lower vents. What can I do to fix this?
Radio not working either. No lights on it at all
The guy put a power steering pressure hose on and the radio stop working and it cranks and won't start
Auto repair shop in Nigeria for pathfinder
Also when i turn I hear my axel or ball joints pop do anybody no what that could be.
The engine is not running due to the check engine light is not not work since the beginning , also when i want to start the engine all lights are on in same moment as well as the front light are on and the engine coul...
Runs fine from cold start. Let it sit for half an hour and engine light comes on throwing code P0302. Previously misfire went away in a couple of minutes, but now has to sit overnight and then restart.
Hi, I am looking at buying a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder just over 105k miles. He says the radiator and transmission have not been replaced. I'm going to have those checked out before I move forward. My question is: will t...