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i changed the brake lines and bled them still no brakes.changed the master clyinder and still no brakes
If the IAC stays shut will the motor not start?.. But I had a MaF code changed maf. Then IAC code came on. Vehicle will not start any ideas???
When i hit the motor it starts ticking faster. And when i put it in reverse it doesnt go backwards
Will start and run then dies and will not start back up
I just replaced my fuel pump and now the gas gage is not working I was told that its all connected and that when i got the fuel pump replaced that the sensor is with it. my mechanic said I might have to pay for the se...
It's time for tun up or just have to change spark plug s
there seems to be something mixing with my coolant. the overflow bottle and the radiator has some milky looking solution in it.
Now service engine light on keeps cutting out after getting warm
I've checked charging system (12.9v), I've checked brake fluid level & my emergency brake is off. But both lights are on my dash, and wont go out
As soon as I turn the truck on its starts Idling really low and rough, then it would stall out. After putting it into drive and running it for about 15 min. it runs fine. Does anyone have any idea what could be causin...
Squeaking under hood
2013 intake manifold repaired after engine light came on. 2014 evap emission canister replaced after engine light came on. 2 weeks after took car in for smog check. Almost immediately after engine ran very rough and I...
red light air bag light flashing off and on
I have replaced the starter. Still won't start every time it just clicks. So I replaced the stater relay. And it won't start every time. Some times it starts some times it just clicks.