does this engine have a mechcanical oil pump

What is the cost for replacing the lower crankshift pully?
Also, what is the labor cost?

power steering belts

Why when i drive my pathfinder over 20 miles does it start tacking hard and will not hardly move when u start out in drive? It only does it when it gets hot and it just keeps tacking hard and wont change gears.

I have a 97 Nissan Pathfinder with 186,300 miles on it. Last Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, I was on my way home when my car stalled on me. I put it in neutral and pulled over and tried to get it restarted. I had about a quarter tank of gas in my car at the time. I got it restarted after about 2 tries. As I drove down the road, it would sputter on me and either keep going or stall. It stalled out about 3 times on my way home. The next day, it wouldn't start. The starter was rolling, but it wouldn't turnover. I tried adding octane booster in case I had bad gas in my car. It still wouldn't start. The next evening I tried to start my car, and it finally started and stayed running, but I noticed I had to hold the key a little longer than normal. Friday morning, my car started so I took it to work. Again, I had to hold the key a little longer than normal, but once running, it seemed fine. On my way home from work, it sputtered on me like it was going to stall, but stayed running until I got home. Saturday, my car would not start at all again. Sunday, I was able to get it started, so I took my car to the gas station and completely filled the tank. I also added the rest of the octane booster. Later that evening, I went to start my car, and it would not stay running. I am figuring the problem to be my fuel filter and/or pump. Does this sound right? If so, about how much would I expect to pay for a new fuel pump?

the ac blows on high in all levels. I was told i need to replace the ac auto amplifier. how do i get this part

I was trying to find the speedometer sensor can anyone tell me where that is located? Thank you for your help!

The heater only works when the truck is in motion. What could the problem be?

The vehicle will occasionally not start, when left sitting for a day or two it will start again. The battery is fine, the starter is new, when you attempt to start the starter does absolutely nothing, you hear the relays activate, but the solenoid on the starter itself seems completely inactive.

when i start off in first gear all is good but when it get ready to shift into 2 i get a loud sound so i slow down and then it changes into 2nd gear. This only happens the first time you put the car in drive.it will only happen again when you take the car out of drive. What could this be?

the plug in the the center consol is dead

Within one month we had to have our fuel level gauge replaced after the dte indicator dropped to "empty" on a full tank of gas and the "Service Engine Soon" light stayed on. Then at 68k miles the battery died. The vehicle drove fine to the battery place, after getting a "jump" from someone. Then, after the new battery was installed we tried to drive off and the car was stuck in a higher gear which made it almost impossible to get going at a green light, etc. We took the car to the dealership and were told that the "Valve body solenoid" had to be replaced. The car was stuck in O/D and the SEL was on. The part costs more than $900.00 plus the cost of labor. I am not sure what the battery change could have done to cause this but ... it clearly had something to do with this problem. Have you ever heard of this before? In addition to this problem, there is no way to shop around for better prices because the one part we need is an exclusive Nissan part that (as we are being told now) is on the national back-order list. So, it could take weeks before it comes in and the car can get fixed!

Just replace the slave cylinder and while i was bleeding the line, fluid filled the rubber boot and popped the boot off, is this a bad new cylinder i bought? Should I just get a new one and try again? Or could there be a nother problem?

the truck runs great but when u put it in gear it just shuts off ever time but u can crank it rite back up in neutrial or park but as soon as u put it in drive or reverse it shuts off and i have no clue where to start on fixing it someone help me out

how do you get the carrier to seperate from the rear housing all nuts are off it is broke loose it just feels like there is something inside holding it from coming out

2004 Nissan Pathfinder. While on the I5 going 70mph my engine lost its top end power. I equate it to losing 1/2 of a $bbl carb... still going but no get up go harder, faster (ie need to pass?) I have been told possible O2 sensor and Cam sensor(P0304) I've been told that the can sensor is a regular issue with this engine? any ideas and or costs associated?, thanks in advance

The mechanic estimates the cost to replace the 1991 Nissan Pathfinder starter to be approximately $500. Is this reasonable and what all should he be replacing?

truck wont start even if i jump it

I have a '98 Nissan Pathfinder. 189,000 miles. Original engine and transmission. Brand new radiator and hoses, replaced last week. New air and fuel filters, only a few months but nearly 10,000 miles ago.

Driving along at freeway speeds last night, the engine suddenly began to "sputter". RPM's would not go higher than 2,000. As soon as they hit that level, the RPM would drop down to 1,000 or so, and work it's way back up to 2,000, before repeating constantly. Maxed the speed at about 25 mph. Engine never stalled or died, and even when I came to a stop it idled perfectly fine.

When I turned the car off, and turned it back on again, the problem went away for a few minutes, and then would come back on.

Also, while this was happening, the engine's temperature gauge shot through the roof and came to rest on the "H". Stopped car immediately when that happened and called tow truck. Note that the radiator and its 3 hoses and all coolant were replaced last week after I discovered a leak in the radiator. Not sure if this is related or not, but the mechanic who did the work won't be in for a couple days, so I thought I'd try this venue out for some ideas.

I need to tap the starter to start the truck so I can get it to the mechanic.

the acceleration of the car is going low a makes the car die

How do you replace the license plate on a 2005 Pathfinder? The only help the owners manual gives you is to take it to the dealer. I would really like to avoid doing this for something that I should be able to replace myself.

Thanks for the help.

check engine light on. says its the ambient air temp sensor ??

My oil pressure gauge is pegged out at high, car heats up when idling, I have my car serviced every 4,000 miles.

my oil gauge is pegged out on high. Car heats up when in idle. I have my oil changed and serviced every 4,000 miles.

The engine is good, when the motor on and the I want go to running I push the trunking go 1,2,3,4,5, and pull to 6(back) the car dosn't go.

ballpark estimate to replace timing belt on 2006 pathfinder

i have been told by 3 different people where the speed sensor is on my pathfinder. all have given me different places. can you tell me where?

The check engine light came on and when I took it in to the dealer, he quoted me $500 to replace it. Will it hurt the engine to drive with the defective sensor?

since las eriday. won't started, only ranking, the pedal not responding when i got running,