The cooling fan revs really high , at idle . Sounds like I'm doing 90 miles an hour when I'm really doing 5mph

How do you tighten the engine belts on a 1994 pathfinder??

Heater works OK while vehicle is in motion. However when vehicle is stopped, at a traffic light as an example, the heater blows cold air. As soon as the vehicle goes back into motion the heater starts working again.

when replacing only (2) tires
where would you put them? on the front or on the back?

due to 2 wd... 4 wd on command

This pathfinder is a 3.3 eng. 4 wheel drive.
I would like to know where these emission parts are located on this eng. 1. Map sensor 2.Coolant temp sensor
3. throttle positin sensor 4. Idle air control and 5. EGR valve. Thanks for info. John

Trying to repair an overheating problem with this vehicle. All culprits from the radiator to water pump, hoses etc. checked. Then vehicle seems to be running rich. Computer check revealed nothing wrong. Other symptoms, under load at 3K rpm the vehicle is sluggish. Checked injectors, fuel system, ignition and drive train. Wondering if it could be a blown head gasket and low compression. Any thoughts?

The rt front passenger window on my Pathfinder won't roll up, and I need to know how to fix it

In cold weather (below about 28F) my brake warning light stays on. Brakes feel fine, and hand brake operates normally. No squealing from brakes. Fluid resevoir is at mid level. No ABS problem.
The pads have been in for about 40K miles. I haven't checked them yet. Does this light come on when the pads get low?, Is this my first warning of low pads when the temperature is cold?

how hard is it to replace and where is it located? what need to be taken off to get to it and how long would it take?

How much should it cost to replace rear bumper including labor?

How many quartz for an oil change

after i steam washed my engine, i observed that the gear engages with force produce a noise before moving and while in motion trys to enter the 4th gear and goes back to 3 abruptly

I recently tried to install rear brake shoes on my pathfinder and the shoes seemed to be too big has anyone else had this problem

Now and then, wont start, nothing. Lights and electric on. Runs while battery disconected. Starts never weak when they happen, going on about a week. Any info is much appreciated.


on 12/27/10 received written notification concerning fuel gauge. made appointment with dealer in Charleston, SC. arrived at dealership, was advised vehicle was over milesage of 72,000, actual maileaage 78680. called 800 number, did not settle matter, took my vehicle home without repairs. I have owned three Nissan vehicles, I hope Nissan will make the repairs without cost to me

Service engine light came on. repair shop said oxygen canister had erupted and contaminated the system causing engine light to come on. Estimated repair cost to replace canister and lines. $1,800.00

during cold weather conditions, usually when the car is started within he first 30 minutes to an hour, there is a rattling noise that seems to be coming from the a/c heat control panel area

my truck stops moving but the engine is still running, if i cut the truck off and restart it then put it in gear, it will drive and then it rolls until i stop it and do the same in cut it off and restart it. could it need the linkage adjusted and the filter and pan need to be changed?

why does my pathfinder shut off when i have it in park and my rpm's drop lower than 1000?

My oil pressure gauge went up to high, iI let the car cool off until the next day. I did not drive it at all but when I check it the next morning the oil pressure gauge went up.

taken every thing off but their is a plate blocking the water pump and i took the front of the pully off but their is another part of the pully thing and i cant get past it to take the metal plate off to get to the water pump

Hello, our 96 PF 4x4 threw a Crank Position sensor code, I replaced it, cleared the code, check engine light stay's off, but problem is still there. PF starts' but run's very erratic, sounds like it's way out of time, then It dies. The CPS was only several months old also that I replaced again. Help please.

check engine light is on and engine is sputtering as if it wants to knock off

something is broken off in my ignition switch that I can not remove. How do I remove the ignition switch so that I can get the car back to my house to fix it.

is it hard to replace the heating thermostat on a 2006 pathfinder?

which preventative measure is best to avoid the transmission failure associated with defective radiators in the 2005-2007 pathfinders?

When I am driving and try to accelerate more at all speeds the vehicle hesitates until I let off the gas or hold the gas pedal down long enough for it to stop eventually. The vehicle has about 180,00 miles on it. I thought maybe the fuel filter needs to be replaced or possibly something else?please don't tell me it's the transmission? Thank you for any help.

I have a 2005 Pathfinder with 97,000 miles. It seems okay but I worry it will have the common radiator/transmission problem. Do I have to replace the radiator or can something less expensive be done to prevent this issue from occuring in the future.

low rpm miss rough idel studders when acceleratind failed high rpm emessions test