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my pathfinder starts fine when cold, then i drive it around. i shut it off then go to turn it back on it dosent want to start after being warm?
it started making a squeaky sound when i would reverse , like is your on a squeaky bed , now I notice that its doing it as I drive. what can this be?
Is there a way to remove the oil filter without spilling oil all over the starter motor and vehicle frame
Where is the fuel filter located, I found a fuel filter located in the gas tank with the fuel level sensor unit, Is this the only fuel.
my check "engine soon" light up, and my mechanic says that the problem is with the sensor 2 of bank 2. I know is an oxygen sensor, but, which one? Front or rear?
My 93 nissan pathfinder 5 speed has developed a whining noise when putting power to the engine. Also if reaving in park im also getting a slipping belt noise.
I just replaced the headlamps, brake pads, oil, oil filter, air filter and now I'm stuck because I can't find the PCV valve. Please HELP!!!
my drivers side door will not open where can i find a blue print or schematic so i can open it
What's the estimated cost to secure my loose muffler?
Is there a bulb anywhere you can change so that the volume controls for radio, cruise control, etc. can light up?
Are the front brakes the same as the back ones
The motor that moves the seat forward and aft on the driver's side is not working. The seat moves up and down as well as tilts the back of the seat. How can I repair this and does anyone have an estimate of the cost?
how much does it cost to replace AC hoses?
my temperature gage keeps going up on 2001 pathfinder need help
my brake lights stopped working once I hitch a friends trailer up and tapped the brakes. i checked all the fuses and put new brake light switch in and still nothing. everything else is working just no brake lights.
isit really necessary to change timing belt when the vehicle is runing good
I just bought a 4 wheel drive used and I tried to use the 4 Wheel drive and the transfer stick won't budge. What could the problem be?
I can't get to one of the bolts holding the starter on
very hard to start then once it is running will idle for hours.can race the engine no it for 10 minutes and it stalls and will not start without starting fluid,then runs for hours until i drive it then s...
there for about a week my park lights could not be turned off without taking out the fuse now all of a sudden they dont work at all what could it be
Checked out coil, spark plugs, distributor. All if getting fire, but something is wrong. It still won't crank
1995 Nissan Pathfinder won't crank. Engine turns over strong. New battery, checked coil, sparkplugs, rotor, starter is good. Acts like it is not getting fire. What could be the problem
Pathfinder will not start. Motor turns over but will not start. Starter is rebuilt, works fine. Checked out the distributor, the coil, rotor, sparkplugs, fuel pump and all works fine. Seems as though it is not gett...
My front passenger window will not go back up using the passenger switch (goes down fine). I can hear something when I try to put it up (not clicking). Window DOES go up using the driver's switch. I replaced the swi...
is there a fix or something I have to live with if I buy the vehicle
my interior light switch has failed and is just floating around which means i cant select the position for coming on when i open the door. how do i remove the console from the roof as there are no obvious screws from ...
This is a very expensive repair, how long can I put this off and what happens if I don't get it repaired right away...single mom of 3year old, I need my car to get around, but I have a few other issues, is there a cos...
My tail lights ans dash lights do not come on. Brake lights and directional lights are fine. Checked all fuses under dash. all ok. Found seperate fuse box? under hood. One says tail lights. took out relay? has 4 prong...
after replacing these parts, car is still running good. but i lost fuel milege. what would cause this. went from 335 tank down to 285
I recently purchased a 1997 nissan pathfinder. does it have a belt or chain for timing, and when should they be replaced.