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i have a flapping noise when driving down the road sounds like it is coming from wheels somewhere - the tires are good - just had them rotated also!

It gets very hot very fast under the drivers seat from the floor up

I had a collision involving the front of my vehicle. Since I've gotten it back from the body shop the AC doesn't seem to work as good as before. I took it back to the bodyshop and they put more refrigerent in it. It seemed to work better for a day or so, but now it only works properly when you are moving and not so good when you stop. They checked it for leaks and it didnt have any. someone else told me that it could be that they put too much refrigerent in it. It does have the climate control system which concerns me about how much its gonna cost to fix.

Hey mechanic community, I need some input with a driveability problem I am experiencing w/my '97 nissan pathfinder. When I am on the highway at 55-60 mph,o/d engaged,everything seemingly normal,out of left field I feel the rear of the vehicle "jump" from the right to the left,no discernable noise,but this "jump" causes an opposite movement left to right,and if I dont take immediate action I am faced with serious loss of control due to the rear end going one side to the other and back which without action on my part would continue hopping side to side with the distance of the hop increasing until loss of control without a chance of correction leading to collision with another motorist of median. I can generally take action and remedy before loss of control but my daughter or wife may not be able to do so. Appreciate your help

my torque converter seems to make excessive noise and suddenly went quiet for a couple miles for the first time since i bought the vehicle 1000 miles ago?

The lights in speedometer, fuel indicator and the console is not working. What should I do to fix this problem

From the start the machine starts to move in first gear, then the acceleration goes to the second, then third, etc. After stopping with the engine running (for example at traffic lights) is not transferred to the first gear. Remains at the third, which therefore makes it difficult to follow the beginning of the movement. Said that includes a third emergency third gear. After turning off the engine and then turn it on again triggered the first program again, etc. What could be causing this malfunction.
Thanks in advance.

not overly excessive play in steering but i definitley would like steering to be "tighten up" is lower ball replacement and alignment the solution?

I have been a gear head better part of 40 years. After taking the worst case ?? I purchased a $100.00 starter to being right back where I was. I hear the starter trying ,but sounds like teeth are not in line. Like early chevy starters I tried the shim method to no avail.teeth on fly a ok. Puzzled

I have been a gear head better part of 40 years. After taking the worst case ?? I purchased a $100.00 starter to being right back where I was. I hear the starter trying ,but sounds like teeth are not in line. Like early chevy starters I tried the shim method to no avail.teeth on fly a ok. Puzzled

the serpentine belt is squeaking even after changing it,

Truck cranks over fine, good battery, can hear the fuel pump run for a couple seconds after turning key on. Seems to have spark from the distributor to plug wires. Just pulled the fuse from fuel pump started but had to put fuse back in the keep it running, turn it off try to start again runs rough for a couple seconds dies and will not dtart again til I repeat the process. ?????

when ignition is turned and car is running the oil guage needle goes up as far as it can go and stays there while engine is running.

my engine light stays on and coolan guage stays on c

Problem just all of a sudden started

I need an estimate on repair for the timing chain

Ok I replaced the Radiator with new one and flush tranny fluid for second time,added 50-50 green Rad fluid. Drove home, waited til veh cools, go out and check, Still seeing RED fluid within the Radiator, What could be causing this now ?

is there a fuse to change?

where is the fuse

My car quit running and was towed to a shop they say it's the timing belt. What is the estimated cost of a normal repair job for a timing belt?

Pathfinder would stall and not restart, but then would start and run fine. It was random both in stalling and when it would start. Used dry gas, changed fuel filter, had fuel pump checked and reads +50 psi, also pulled fuel line from rail and no problem getting fuel, cleaned MAF with MAF cleaner, new distributor installed, spark is blue at cap and spark plug. Knock sensor code was only code showing. Engine turns over but won't start now. Tried starter fluid in snorkel, engine still won't start. Any suggestions?

Will the aftermarket Maf sensors that can be found online for about 100.00 work as a replacement for the original part that Nissan is still charging 500 dollars for. The problem with these two codes is driving crazy! At this point changed every part except the MAF. Thanks for the great information! Wish my repair place would have looked at this. The MAF would be the last step.

I have a 2005 pathfinder with 72,000 miles and sometimes I hear a squeaking type noise that seems like it is coming from the dash area, but can't really pinpoint. Doesn't happen all the time, just random. Any ideas??

What is the fair value of my above car ? or am I better of trade in (at what valUe?)

How do I change in cabin microfilter?

Vehicle sometimes feels like it takes too long to stop, I put the rear wheels in the air, using a floor jack. Put the vehicle in drive, and spun the rear wheels, when I would depress the brake pedal the rear wheels would keep spinning,and the anti-lock light is on. Is this normal? already tried replacing both wheel cylinders for drum brakes, and shoes are also new. Can anyone help me with this issue? any suggestions?

Trouble Pulling Fuel Pump From 2000 Pathfinder

The lights on the instrument panel wont come on. I check the bulbs and they are good and it does have power. Could it have something to do with the computer?

Im looking at buying a used pathfinder and want to know what to expect in repairs down the road

Need to have the water pump, timing belt, thermostat replaced