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The speedometers, gas gauge, or anything else on the dashboard doesn't work including the AC/Heat. However, the radio/clock and all other electrical lights on the car are working just fine. The car runs fine I just ca...
When driving some times as soon as you release the accelerator, and the speed of the car reduces,the car will turn off and stop.both the brake and the steering will lock. the lighting system and the Radio will still b...
The car starts fine, I run an errand, come out won't start for 2hrs. more often. seems heat related. fuse/relay?? will not turn over make a electric sound not a clicking sound. can be jumped in 30 seconds, then runs.
Is there a baffle (?)behind the dash that can leak?
do i have a post temp sending unit? Or do i just have the thermostate changed.
It seems like the transmission is not going to go I pull over for about 2 minutes then crank back up then it just go like it had no problem.
I just bought the car and the seller did inform me of what he considered to be a small insignificant oil leak in the front of the less than a week of driving it, it now leaks enough oil to leave a stain of...
Hi, Last evening my car (2000 Nissan Maxima) broke down in the middle of the road. Then I had to tow it to a auto service. It would start and then stop/die almost immediately when I take my foot off the pedal. The ...
the engine light is on, it stalls, and the SLIP ligth won't go off, I am thinking I should change the spark plugs, I have been reading up on it and I see where changing the sparks plugs and maybe coil will help
How important is upper gasket. If it has a slight leak can i let it go for a while.dont wana pay to have it done and its not easy.ive done my gaskets on my valves already.but upper oilpan looks tuff.
my 2000 maxima wont stay idle on when its cold but when it gets warm weather no problem
The other day i tried to start it and it wouldnt turn over. I know its not the batter cause the radio comes on and lights but it wouldnt turn over. I tried about 4 times then waited 5 minutes and tried and it turned o...
My car recently started to buck and stall out whenever I was coming or going to completely stop. Then once I started to drive off the bucking would get worse until the car just stalled out. Most of the time I can get...
what would a 2003 3.5v6 to just cut off going down the road
I replaced all six plugs and number 4&6 coil pack and crank position sensor front and back but still the same.
It will also die sometimes when I come to a stop at a stop sign it light. What is causing this?
Cannot turn off Radio (bose cd changer)drains battery needs a jump, when 15 volt fuse is removed when cars off, it starts up no problem.
car would not start,mechanic says must disconnect alarm
Instead of the fuel gauge going counter clockwise as the gas is used. The needle is all the way to the right of the empty line. Like it went past full all the way over, nearly down to the empty line.
driving about 30 to 35 mph hit devider the driver wheel went flat replaced tire. One day later transmission fluid leaking from driver side took off tire but cant see were it is leaking from. Fluid stick says low fuid ...
Also eng. bucks n lopes when cold. No codes most of time. PO171 sometimes shows. Done: mass air, 2Bosch upstreamO2s, airfilter. Do not see air leaks.