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I was told I needed a new compressor & accumulator .....AC comes on, blows hot air, & no leaks, FREON is full anyone has any other suggestions before I have to dish out loads of much needed $$$$$
I've been told it's my timing chain but I'm not really sure.Because prior to my tune up and oil change my car was running fine.But it didn't start making the loud noise immediately after maintenance it started a few d...
When I turn the key the starter does not engage. But all other electric works.
does seem to stop when I take my foot off the accelerator
If so for how much? Or how much will you recomend i sell it for.
I have brought my car to three different mechanics and no one can figure out why my car is overheating. Fans working fine, pressure test no leaks, hoses fine, radiator fine. They keep saying thermostat. I have changed...
i have cleaned out radiator to see if it had any blockage but doesn't and everything else on the radiator is fine water pump is fine i have replaced thermostat with a new one ,its ok for about half an hour sometimes b...
Is there something major going on. I just got new tires put on the front an the car was working good until then. I drove from the tire place an went to the post office an then the car starting having problem cranking.
it was just a il oil and i needs to know what will happen and i have water leaking from my water pump b4 i did it so therefore the oil leakout
After I had a strut put on, I started feeling bumps through the floor when I go slower than 55 miles per hour. Honestly, it feels like I can feel them through the pedals, and hear them. I never had this problem unti...
Brake, service engine soon, and battery light on. I smelled rubber burning, and near my belts was loud. I put the car in park and it shut off. I seen white smoke under the hood.
Does my 1994 nissan maxima have the post temp heating sencor? Or do i just change the thermostate?
When stopped at lights or drive thru it heats up then cools off again when i drive
my 1997 maxima rides great no service engine light on or anything, however after driving for a while it will stall at a light and at times starts right back up and then shuts right off. What can this possibly be?
When I depress the clutch pedal the noise stops. When I release the pedal, the noise continues. The car runs roughly at slow speeds until it warms up. The car has 143000 miles on it and I do not know the history o...
I replaced the altenator it ran good than well driving my head lights shut off n I have no electrical power but the car is still running n all fuses are still good what can I do ??
I had a 4 wheel alignment done as well as balancing al tires. The squeek in the rear is only when it is cold and any bumps you encounter will cause the back to squeek. Not sure if its related but tire pressure sensor ...