136k miles. After heating up my car seems to bog down almost dying and then the rpms come up to about 1500. It does this about 4-5 times in a row and then clears up and runs fine.It only does this when accelerating. There is excessive pressure in the fuel tank when I open the cap.Could this be the fuel pressure regulator?

I have a 1990 maxima that will shift fine from first to second but feels like it goes into nuetral when it trys to shift into third. New revolution sensor, used tranny and tcm without change. Any ideas?

When I am trying to start the car, A click sound is coming and car doesn't get start.

need instructions on how to replace right axle seal

do the bearings have to be pressed off and on the hub of the 2004 nissan maxima

How much should it cost to replace the high pressure power steering hose and how long should it take? I've been quoted $432 ($263-part and $169-labor). I found the part online for $91.

my 1990 maxima was running ok then start running rough ,now it shut off and didnt restart until cold,shut off and wont start. i do smell gas so i know its getting some.

my car will start but will shut off while driving, then will start again and repeat. I don't really know what the problem is. thank you for your help. Kaye

hole in top means its got to be replaced


i am trying to replace the crankshaft sensor on a 05 nissan maxima can you tell us where its located at?

All the courtsey lights on doors are out, can't locate fuse location to change?

When I try to put gas in my 2002 Maxima I get about 2gals in and gas will shoot out filler neck. I have to squeeze the handle half way to get it to go in. About 4 months ago i had code P1448 I think (stuck vent control valve) took it off cleaned and test good, light has bin off since and no new codes. Could I have sucked carbon out of canister and clogged some vent hoses?

How do you repair code P1130

my 1997 Nissan Maxima is overheating, new Water pump, (timing chain while I was in there), new Thermastat, Pressure check (passed), Block tester (passed), flushed Cooling System, fresh Oil change, new Air Filter, full on Fluids, basically good to go, but it still overheats randomly, I even boiled Thermastat to check it (passed), ANY TAKERS!


when slowing down for stop light or stop sign engine stalls. Problem started about 2 weeks ago. At first it
only occured about every 2-3 days. It now ocurs every day.
Restarting the engine also has been more difficult.I took
it to my dealer,they could not pinpoint the problem. This
is very frustrating.

how do you install the hazard light switch in the dash board

car started jerking while driving, check engine light came on.

When slowing down for a stop sign or stop light, the engine
stalls. This occurance happens randomly, so it does not
occur all the time.

would the car be driveable without ac clutch?

My Maxima is stalling quite often, people are saying that the MAF needs to be replace, if the MAF is bad instead of replacing the unit can this unit be unplug?

I have had this car less than one week and this is twice that it has happened to me. Apparently I am unlocking the doors and or trunk too quickly or removing the key too quickly.I am triggering a part of the security system that causes my brake lights and headlights to flash as well as the clock. When this happens, the car will not start.

The first time that this happened I was told by a mechanic, who had been an Altima owner,that there is a certain sequence of locking and unlocking the passengers side door to reset the security system. Unfortunately, I can not remember what the sequence is that is needed. Help Please!! Desperately Stranded....

seveal electrical components are not working at the same time.

need to know will a after market catalytic coverter work and what is the the average cost to have one replaced

My windshield washer fluid doesnt come out when you pull on the arm to make the washer fluid come out. It is filled up but nothing happens.

Occasionally, when I'm stopped at a traffic light and then release the brake and apply the gas the car seems to jerk/slam into gear. I presume this may be an indication of transmission issues to come. I recently replaced the spark plugs and would like to keep the car for at least another 2 - 5 years. Are there any suggestions on ways to prolong the life of the vehicle (besides don't drive it :) Thanks

80k miles, had a routine oil change and the mechanic says struts need to be replaced soon because they are leaking. Possibly caused by potholes or rough roads in the city? How can I check whether this is for real and how serious? I have an appointment for a second opinion scheduled. Thanks

while i was driving my batery light kept on coming on while my lights become more dim. Then it completely shut off losing all power.

I just baught a used car and the steering wheel is not striaght, when the wheels are straight the steering wheel isnt.