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I live in the East Coast. i need to replace the tires for my Nissan Maxima 2006. Could you please suggest some tires which rate good on dry/wet/snow traction and has a long life.
how much is an axel job
my power steering stopped working and my engine heats up to the point of overheating,i have fluid in the power steering
how do i replace the headlights on my 2008 nissan maxima?
I put in a new fuel filter, added automatic tranmission fluid, swapped out the neutral switch and sometimes when I put it in reverse it starts to bog out any suggestions
1997 nissan maxima runs god but when i put it in reverse shuts off i have change the fuel filter and oil transmision i dont nkow wats wrong need help please
my 1997 nissan maxima shut off in reverse they said it was the fuel filter but es new need more suggesstions please
Would this sensor cause my motor to shut off when i put it into gear
The car starts and idles just fine, but when i shift into drive or reverse it kills the motor. Sometimes it doesn't . Please explain my problem
Where is the vss located and how do you change it?
car wa leaking oil & waater, replaced lower oil pan gasket and systems service pipe. After repairs were done engine light came on and car was running rough. tried to get diganosis and approx cost, but have been told...
why want my antenna want go down. is there anyway i could get it replaced for a short one instead to prevent this problem? it stays up whether the radio is on or off so nerve wrecking.
i was wondering how could i make my seatbelts retract correctly. when you release them they go so slow and sometimes i have to just push them up myself cause they always end up getting slammed in the door.
i had my brakes loked at twice and cant anyone find anything wrong they said the brake pads are thick (new) but when i stop it fels like they are scrubing what can cause that?
i had a tune up oil change and i have a miss i went to auto zone and i had a code of p120 or p130 when it is in drive and im at a light or stop sign that when i get the problem. the ppl at auto zone said it was the ca...
My car was jerking then dies in the middle of driving. Then I started the car again and even during idle it'd eventually dies. I took it to my mechanic and there was no check engine light nor was there any code from...
Its idling rough and when acelerating its misses out. there is a fuel smell in the car. I just replaced the fuel filter. What else is going on?
we have replaced the battery the alternator everything runs fine and then the battery goes dead. after starting car i take off the positive battery cable and car still runs. help I can't afford massive repairs. car do...
no spark to spark plugs, cam and crank senors have been replaced has injector signal and fuel when cranking but no spark has changed ecu too, checked relayss and fuses lost
I thought I needed my HID bulb replaced so I went ahead and had both bulbs replaced, but the driver side HID is still dim. Could it be the actual headlamp? It's not as bright and the passenger side.
I have an 06 Maxima SL. When I purchased the car, it was running fine and still is. I just noticed a weird noise. It's coming from the passenger side under the hood. Don't know how to describe it other than it sou...
Need to replace the heater blower resistor. Where is it (heater box/motor) located? Under hood or under dash? Car does not have auto climate control
car trans has started to slip at initial movement.Car has an auto trans
Where is the location of the Cam position sensor
If I wanted to lift the engine from the top of a 1997 maxima with the transmission still attached; where would I connect my engine hoist bolts to lift it up?
instrument panel and rear tail light not working when lights are on
my max will not start unless i give it some gas. other wise it runs great
Do all of the 98 maxima have abs , and do they come with lsd trannys,
My check for service light is not working which is causing us to fail the emissions test. I've purchased one from nissan,but how do I go about changing it ?