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In February I brought my car to my mechanic because there was no pick up and he told me it needed a new engine. If I hadn't just put in a new transmission, I probably would have gotten rid of the car, but since I had already done that, I figured I might as well since I would then have an almost new car. Everything was good until I had my car inspected. The next day there was a horrendous grinding noise and my mechanic told me I needed new brakes and I said there was also a very slight ticking noise and to check it out. He told me it needed a new catalytic converter and would cost approx $500. He had also replaced one when he did the engine. Now I realize I really should have gotten a new car, but there is too much invested at this point. When I picked up the car, the bill was $1100 to replace the right rear catalytic converter. My questions are - wouldn't that have shown up when they did the emisson check during the inspection, there were no check engine lights on and why the difference in price. Am I being taken for a "ride"?

I need to find the ECM.


My daughter 1990 nissan maxima wont start, it turns over but it want start so far this is what I did:
change air & fuse filter, new spark plugs and wires, new coil, change maf, check the battery, check distributor, change rotor and got ignition module check, the car is getting fuel and fire. I check the fuses and i check ecu for codes and it came back code 55. the security light blink when i turn the car on. I do not know what to do now. Took it to nissan, tire kingdom and 2 mechanic look at it and no cod came back.. Original the car was running fine then it start clicking off when we stop at the light then it will start right back up. Last week the car just did not start up no more. i do not know what to check for next.




My car "jumps" into drive from reverse if the brake pedal isn't completely depressed. The car also jumps if brakes are applied suddenly while driving then gas peddle is depressed. We have had 2/4 of engine mounts replaced. Having the others done this the problem?

how do I change a power steering hose- I believe it's the high side?

The right front turn signal light works but is dimmer than the left side and blinks faster. What is the proper way to gain access to it without tearing the car apart to gain access?

stick shift got stock on park

While driving the front passenger wheel has a high pitched squeal/whine. When applying the brakes, the sound stops. The sound also is intermittent as speed increases.

My car has just (2 weeks ago) been serviced with its starter motor and battery both replaced. its got 130 k on then clock so its had a bit of use but it started to make this remote control car type sound whenever i turn it on and also when i accelerate particularly at low speeds/low gears. a week later, there was a day when id driven for a solid 8 hours i parked and noticed that a white smoke with a weird smell was coming from the top of the engine. what could possibly be wrong with the car? i havent driven it since for fear of doing more damage? is this fatal for the car? if i can repair it will i need a tow or can i drive it a short distance?

I felt something weird when I was driving about a week ago, on the highway. Like a hesistation. A few days later, while I was stuck in traffic and moving very slowly, my car just cut off and the engine light came on. When I tried to restart it, it almost didn't turn over. I took it to Pep Boys and they did a diagnotic test that said it was the Camshaft Sensor Malfunction. I did some research to find out that this was a common problem. Also, a few weeks ago when I went for an oil change they told me I had an oil leak. From what I have read, the two could be related. My question is, PepBoys want to do a driveability test to make sure that the camshaft sensor is the problem. I am pretty sure that it is, and I am SO strapped for cash that I dont want to have to pay for this test in addition to the repair. Should I just have them repair it without doing the additional test? Im also waiting on an estimate from them. About how much can I expect to pay?

Oh and btw, I already contacted Nissan and they said according to my VIN there was no recall. :(

how do I get my emergency break light to turn off.The break has released but the light is staying on

for 2004 maxima SE with electronic package and climate control: where is the climate control module that controls the fan located and how do I get to it?Is there a fan blower resistor on this car or a "module". and how do I replace it and best place to get a replacement?? thanks

my starter sounds like it is disengaged how do i fix this

i just put two new injectors in and put everything back together and went to start the car and it make a hard cranking sound which doesnt sound good what did i do and how do i fix this

it runs poorly when started and back fires often when driven but picks up when you floor it and dies when sometimes whe you stop as well as running poorly then

All other controls seem to work on climate control console. Fan is always on high. fan control button moves fan level light bars up and down appropriately, but fan only stays on high. Fan does not turn off when "off" button pressed though everything else goes off and I think air flap doors ??? close appropriately. Could this still be resistor?

oil leaks around timing chain cover and the valves rattle at 1500-2300 rpm. can also smell just a hint of anti-freeze.

I can't shift from park to drive and back unless I press the shift lock button down, then it started back workin now it's doing the same thing again

Well I've hardly ever red lined my 02 Maxima SE but I don't know about the guys who owned it before me. Well I wanted to see where the RPM governor cut it out so I took it to about 6700 and it cut out all right. It lost major power right away and almost died out. When I tried to accelerate it would only go to about 2500 RPM and then fluttered there. When I let the gas off it makes a slight mechanical clanking noise, almost like a valve is seized or something. It seems to be idling fine other than it drops to 3 or 4 hundred here and there then comes back up. The power between 700-2300ish RPM seems almost normal but I don't want to push it. Any advice would be of great interest to me.

I have a '97 Nissan Maxima, and the key broke in the ignition, how should i go about fixing/replacing it?

I changed out the power antenna and no longer have radio, seat belt control nor power antenna. Any helpful notes would be greatly appreciated.

Does rattling at startup and hard starting mean timing chain problems? I occasionally get white smoke when the car is hard to start. What could be the problem?

Does rattling at startup and hard starting mean timing chain problems? I occasionally get white smoke when the car is hard to start. What could be the problem?

My service engine light is on and sometimes codes flash. The codes are dte 26 & dte 36. Could you tell me what these codes are for?

I've been haunted by engine performance issues for over a month now.Now my transmission seems to be slipping. The Power/Comfort selector switch light just above the shifter blinks when in the Power Mode. What exactly does this blinking light telling me? I'm assuming it's time for a trip to the salvage yard for the whole car.

some of my sensor lights are on

Blower/fan vibrates as speed (of fan) increases. At highest setting, the entire dashboard and console shake so bad it is actually scary. Would appear to be the blower - do you agree?

I've got auto climate control and just about every extra this car had to offer. I'm pretty good with fixing things.

Can the blower be easily replaced? I can see/hear that it's under the glove box. It's a tight fit for me to work in that area.

Are there free service manuals on-line somewhere?

my steering wheel is hard to turn, I put fluid in but it is still hard to turn.

I just replaced the brake master cylinder on my Maxima (after replacing the ABS pump 6 months ago) and it seems to be holding a lot of air since I put the new master cylinder in. What is the sequence that I should be bleeding them in?