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Car has 82,500 miles. Car failed state inspection. Motor mounts loose or broken. Car dealer says all four motor mounts must be replaced in order for the car to pass state inspection. Car dealer says I need 3 engine mo...
my fog light do not work
When I switch on my signal to the left, only the back light comes on and its clicking faster than the right. Switched out the bulb and the flasher and still having the same problem.
Last year i bought a 1990 Maxima from an older lady who was the original owner and she kept it well maintained. The speedo has stopped working and before it actually stopped it would work off and on and it seemed the ...
Why does my 96 max shift hard 1st to 2nd gear when the RPMs go past 2000?
how do i know when its my starter or ignition dat went bad?
The car shakes from front when braking at high speed?
just the labor cost of replacement
I am planning to buy Nissan Maxima and while inspection found rust near the wheels on the it normal for a 12 year old car ? if yes, how long more do you think the car will last before it breaks down ? it...
i reclined the passenger seat yesterday and went to put it back up and it only reclined farther. I tried putting it down farther and back up it still only went down farther. how can i fix this myself?
sometimes car shuts off when waiting for light to change.but starts up again once i turn the key.i had this problem a onth ago but once i added the fuel injector cleaner it went away.should i give the car another tre...
the transmission is not shifting in higher gears[3 to 4] need to know what the problem is
car won't start must jiggle ignition
Car has this code check engine light on
The car has check engine light on has 149,000 on the motor. p0011
when I brake I feel a pulsating on the brake peddle. I check the brake pads and roters on the front they look fine. Put new brake pads on the back. What could this be?
how do you change the break light.
02 nissan maxima dies when i put it in gear whats the problem
how much to repair the steering column?
took to mech and changed out 2 sensors one was the throtle position and the other a sensor under the air filter, plus he cleaned out the catalyaic converter and sid i need to replace in a month, but car still dies and...
need to find code to keypad on driver door and front passenger there a way to find this code,i can set it by pushing 9 on pad but how do i unlock doors without using a key,but still use keypad?
I'm have trouble with a bad fuel injector. The engine runs rough at idle and acceleration. I was told it was a bad injector. Is there anything I could add to the fuel tank to clear this up? If it is the injector, how...
I have a 1991 Maxima. The security light on the dash is blinking at a continual pace when I try to put my gear shift into neutral to try to start the car. The shift will not budge not will it let me start the car. Wha...
When I turn on the a/c it works ok but the blower fan sometimes works, if i tap on it it will turn on until I stop the engine. This I know is the fan motor starting to fail but my problem is that the fresh air vent do...
I have a 2003 nissan maxima when i turn the car off i smell rubber. could that be the serpentine belt needing to be replace? and were is it on the engine?
the front crossmember is rusting out in the center, this is the frame just below the radiator, I've been told theres away to repair this
I recently had two new tires put on my car a few months ago. I noticed immediately that the tires were much more noisy than the other brand (still have the other brand on the back of car). After living with the nois...
What type of fluid do you use for the power steering fluid on a 2003 Nissan Maxima? Is it Dextron 111 transmission fluid?