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Hi All,

First off, thank you very much for your time.
Car has been experiencing a rattling type of sound coming from engine, and the best way I can describe it, is like taking a paper clip and lightly sticking it in a house fan. Only happens when engine is cold.

Second problem, when I'm running the car between 55-70mph and using cruise control, the trans will sometimes make a sound that sounds like when you're riding a ten speed bike and your gearing is too high, so your bike makes a "loose chain" type of sound and only goes a away when you either downshift or stop pedaling. (again this analogy is only to describe the sound I'm hearing).

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

Shifter was stiff for couple of days.Now it is stuck about halfway down.HELP PLEASE!!!!Transmission rebuilt less than a year ago.

How does the wheel speed sensor cause a check engine light. If it does should I replace the sensor?

The car was normal then tried backing out of the yard and it would't go in reverse or drive. I never had this problem before!!!!

The heater does not get hot when sitting still, but works fine when moving.

What kind of power steering fluid do I need to use?

some times will run fine. than it will die when comimg to a stop . and will buck and stall unless you ease the gas on, when you start out again

I got in my car (2002 nissan maxima gle)to go to a tire shop to repair a tire. Got in my car it started just fine and I was on my way did not have any problems or signs of my car having a problems. After getting tire fixed I got in my car and started it. It started then died. I restarted it again and this time gave it a little bit of gas and it died. The mechanic there plugged his computer up and it didn't read anything wrong. I had a friend help me out and we replace the fuel pump module with strainer. That didn't work. It still would start then after a few minutes would die. Prior to this day I had no problem with my car nor did I have any problems with my car letting me know something was wrong. I really need to find out what's wrong.

How much does it coest to replace a crank sensor

Just purchased veh. Reported to have not been driven for awhile. Got on highway, drove approx. 65mph.the, it bogged down completely. When tried to restart it did not. NO lights came on dash. Slight burning smell under the hood. Slight black smoke out from muffler pipe. Battery has been charged but, car will not turn over. Is this an engine problem?

car is shaking. very noisy. car drives very rough. low speed

I had a multi point inspection on my car in May 2010. I had standard service done due to time/miles and they had power flushed cooling system and replaced AC filter. I took my car in on Nov 1. 2010 for another multi point inspection at which time I was told to replace the AC Low Side Hose. When I took my car in for an oil change on Nov. 3rd, I was told that the air filter needed changing. I also got a 2nd estimate for the hose repair. On Nov. 17, my AC completely stopped cooling. Could the flushing of a cooling system cause the hose to leak?

how to change the fuel filter

the water pump is leaking and i was wondering should i attempt to fix it myself.

how to change the fuel filter


is it located on the side of the trans case ?

i can not locate the transmission filter as indicated in the haynes manual - picture in book is different from bottom actual view

I realize the defroster's terrible on the car, high/low cool/heat doesn't matter. The best thing I do is not even hit defrost, just put it in feet mode and the windshield gets clear that way. Any other options?

In February I brought my car to my mechanic because there was no pick up and he told me it needed a new engine. If I hadn't just put in a new transmission, I probably would have gotten rid of the car, but since I had already done that, I figured I might as well since I would then have an almost new car. Everything was good until I had my car inspected. The next day there was a horrendous grinding noise and my mechanic told me I needed new brakes and I said there was also a very slight ticking noise and to check it out. He told me it needed a new catalytic converter and would cost approx $500. He had also replaced one when he did the engine. Now I realize I really should have gotten a new car, but there is too much invested at this point. When I picked up the car, the bill was $1100 to replace the right rear catalytic converter. My questions are - wouldn't that have shown up when they did the emisson check during the inspection, there were no check engine lights on and why the difference in price. Am I being taken for a "ride"?

I need to find the ECM.


My daughter 1990 nissan maxima wont start, it turns over but it want start so far this is what I did:
change air & fuse filter, new spark plugs and wires, new coil, change maf, check the battery, check distributor, change rotor and got ignition module check, the car is getting fuel and fire. I check the fuses and i check ecu for codes and it came back code 55. the security light blink when i turn the car on. I do not know what to do now. Took it to nissan, tire kingdom and 2 mechanic look at it and no cod came back.. Original the car was running fine then it start clicking off when we stop at the light then it will start right back up. Last week the car just did not start up no more. i do not know what to check for next.




My car "jumps" into drive from reverse if the brake pedal isn't completely depressed. The car also jumps if brakes are applied suddenly while driving then gas peddle is depressed. We have had 2/4 of engine mounts replaced. Having the others done this the problem?

how do I change a power steering hose- I believe it's the high side?

The right front turn signal light works but is dimmer than the left side and blinks faster. What is the proper way to gain access to it without tearing the car apart to gain access?

stick shift got stock on park

While driving the front passenger wheel has a high pitched squeal/whine. When applying the brakes, the sound stops. The sound also is intermittent as speed increases.

My car has just (2 weeks ago) been serviced with its starter motor and battery both replaced. its got 130 k on then clock so its had a bit of use but it started to make this remote control car type sound whenever i turn it on and also when i accelerate particularly at low speeds/low gears. a week later, there was a day when id driven for a solid 8 hours i parked and noticed that a white smoke with a weird smell was coming from the top of the engine. what could possibly be wrong with the car? i havent driven it since for fear of doing more damage? is this fatal for the car? if i can repair it will i need a tow or can i drive it a short distance?

I felt something weird when I was driving about a week ago, on the highway. Like a hesistation. A few days later, while I was stuck in traffic and moving very slowly, my car just cut off and the engine light came on. When I tried to restart it, it almost didn't turn over. I took it to Pep Boys and they did a diagnotic test that said it was the Camshaft Sensor Malfunction. I did some research to find out that this was a common problem. Also, a few weeks ago when I went for an oil change they told me I had an oil leak. From what I have read, the two could be related. My question is, PepBoys want to do a driveability test to make sure that the camshaft sensor is the problem. I am pretty sure that it is, and I am SO strapped for cash that I dont want to have to pay for this test in addition to the repair. Should I just have them repair it without doing the additional test? Im also waiting on an estimate from them. About how much can I expect to pay?

Oh and btw, I already contacted Nissan and they said according to my VIN there was no recall. :(