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dist cap and rotor and it still show misfire 1 cyl, fixing to install number 1 cyl fuel injector. Right now the engine misses bad
when u turn the truck off it has like a gurgling sound or something like tht coming from the fuel tank.Only does it after trucks been running or whn its hot outside
When driving on the highway, my truck suddenly overheated with no warning. So we pulled over, shut it off and let it cool down but now it won't start. (06 Nissan Frontier, 2 WD, 4 cyl. automatic)
It will draw the battery down, so it won't start. Will work if I thump hard on top of dash.
Truck has 74000 miles. noise started just this past week. No warning lights come on, just the ding. Similar to seatbelt warning sound. Any idea what it is? I love my truck but it's driving my nuts doing this!
the SLIP light on my 2006 nissan frontier comes on and the engine starts running rough or dies completely
Using high test gas and dry gas doesn't make a difference
the idle seems too high too, like 1.5 rpms, the tranny downshifts inappropriately. It is not equipped with the automatic hill downshift feature.... ive only had it for 1 week and if it always sounds like a tightly wou...
What will cause lose of power and want start
When i accelerated the truck would jolt and the rmps would start jumping more down almost like the truck was huffing
At the same time, the dash charging port also stops and starts.
Dash light is on indicating passenger side airbag is not working. Dealer advises that the sensor can't be replaced by itself and that the airbag with sensor assembly has to be replaced. Their estimate is in excess of ...
It acts like it is clogged up or bad gas it happened 3- times. Happens when I'm driving only , also 2-3 weeks between incidents . Figured it bad gas but now think it's something electronicall , or pumps getting weak...
I've recently had problems with the connections to the battery and all I would have to do it wige the positive cable and the truck would start right up. There was a point in time when I I went to turn the truck over a...
has black ashes coming from muffler , changed the oil again and its worse smokes white smoke
front brakes were not working so replaced cylinder and bled brakes. front brakes froze up and got very hot. ran diagnostic on it but no code. still do not have front brakes what else can be wrong
Pours out as I add water. Found it with a flashlight and inspection mirror.