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Engine started with a rough idle in reverse and drive. After new fuel injector didn't work, Tech is not checking the wiring. Do I have a lemon or is this fixable?
No grease in them and there's a very small gap in steering what do I need to replace
No check engine light just happened all of a sudden.
what does it mean fuel sensor bad where is it engine light is on
the front drive line was removed to replace the u-joint it was then driven about 1-1.5 miles in the low 4wheel drive side, on returning it will now not shift out of low 4wheel drive the indicator just blinks in low 4...
This truck will not start and it's giving me a p0340 code if I change this sensor will it fix the problem. I checked the rotor and it is turning so it can't be the belt right?
I need an answer ASAP for doctor appointments. How do I get it back into 2WD?
so i changed the oil pressure switch then the pressure reads low what should i do?
After reading what was going on,Just a thank you from Peggy.When I was able to change my oil I always 10W30.A great reminder.A note on my dash the next I take the truck for an oil change to make sure they use 10W30 an...
Engine light not on.Gage low and oil icon on dashboard while driving.Driven only 60 miles since oil change.Changed oil pressure sensor because gauge was extra high.
also there is a click and the truck loafs on moving forward, when turned off and starts back it drives normal back to the hard shift on third
The problem occurs every time I go to release the clutch and while I am cruising in third fourth and fifth gear.
I am not a mechanic, but is this something that can be done at home with basic tools?
Truck shifts (automatic) and runs fine, but the shift cable broke, meaning I have to get out and crawl under it every time I shift. We jury-rigged a cable-end to keep things moving til the new cable arrived and that'...
the catalytic converter was removed after it was clogged up, it was immediateiy realised that there was excessive smoke coming through the exhaust and that oil is passing through tailpipe
The vehicle was running fine, then the motor started to shake, run rough briefly, then stalled, now won't start, seems to turn over rough, tried to ground out a plug wire, no spark, any ideas
I get all kinds of bogus warning lights, particularly tire pressure (even though they are all at recommended psi) as well as an erratic check engine light. The airbag light sort of randomly came on, along with the "p...
what is recomended mileage for timing belt replacement
It will run for little while then all things start actin up until it dies.
If it is a chain, do I need to change it if there is no problem with it?
While driving above 40mph, my truck sometimes jerks and slightly loses power. When at a stop and idle, it begins to lower RPMs, and sometimes stalls, forcing me to restart the engine. Can the leak/loss of vacuum being...
the 99 Nissan frontier will start and run fine for up to approx. 10 miles. it then begins to run rough and then chokes down. we pulled over and restarted the engine, added some gasoline into the intake through the bre...
The empty tank indicates any time the tank is filled full. When the service engine soon is removed it comes back immediately the tank is filled full.
but that didn't resolve the problem. I was told by a mechanic that I need to change the oil pump but that still may not resolve the low pressure problem, what can I do?
I replaced the distribitor before going on vacation traveled roughly 600 miles round trip when I returned home unloaded,went to the store and on the way back my truck just quit with no symptems, just went dead and wou...
service engine soon light is on,sounds flooded
Paint is Metallic Blue. Has been falling off the truck since we purchased the vehicle in 2007. I am curious as to whether it is a factory default or not. If it is, how can i get it fixed?