188000 miles

botton of it) and lower left shaft(where two pipe connect by a clan). Pick up does not smoke when cool and the oil seems to be ok..no leaK in the engine....low mile...what to do?...It started recently...afraid to drive it.

I cannot find knock sensor location. 98 Frontier 4x4 with 4 cyl engine. Getting flashing chk eng lite, and fault code for knock sensor malfunction.

it does eventually start just takes a few times or starts first try. Sometimes sounds like something is in way of something turning and makes a awful sound almost sounds like when vehicle is running and you try to start it .

When driving on the highway, my truck suddenly overheated with no warning. So we pulled over, shut it off and let it cool down but now it won't start. (06 Nissan Frontier, 2 WD, 4 cyl. automatic)

I've checked the gas cap many times and tightened it but the light won't turn off.

It will draw the battery down, so it won't start. Will work if I thump hard on top of dash.

The speedometer stopped working altogether so we replaced the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). Now the speedometer readings never hit the real speed, and the speed it shows is constantly fluctuating up and down. What should I be looking at next?

So I checked the battery and alternator.and they both checked out good.

My truck has began making a low whining noise that coincides with acceleration. It's not a loud whine, but you can definitely hear it. I have checked the steering, I do not believe it's the power steering pump. I tried pushing the o/d button on & off, that doesn't seem to make any difference.

Truck has 74000 miles. noise started just this past week. No warning lights come on, just the ding. Similar to seatbelt warning sound. Any idea what it is? I love my truck but it's driving my nuts doing this!

It will crank right back up and runs great. No check engine light. New plugs, wires, cap, Timing belt.

The airbag light started blinking and the horn stopped working.I have checked the fuses and replaced the horn and relay and horn still doesn't work.My repair manual doesn't have a wiring chart that shows the horn.Are they tied in together somehow?

the SLIP light on my 2006 nissan frontier comes on and the engine starts running rough or dies completely

The truck needs a motor

Replace pump or power steering pressure side hose?

I have tried a new switch no change.Have checked grounds under hood.

Using high test gas and dry gas doesn't make a difference

the idle seems too high too, like 1.5 rpms, the tranny downshifts inappropriately. It is not equipped with the automatic hill downshift feature.... ive only had it for 1 week and if it always sounds like a tightly wound rubber band, its embarassing and i dont want to keep it. Is it filters and bands? Is it suppose to sounds so...1980 economy car?

What will cause lose of power and want start

It did this for a few times and was then diagnosed with timing chain failure. Replaced the chain,tensioners and guides then it was fine again. Only problem now is it would occasionally stall and when i crank it a few times it would start again. I have changed the crank sensor but its still the same. It don't give any fault codes. Please help.

When i accelerated the truck would jolt and the rmps would start jumping more down almost like the truck was huffing

It's obviously an electrical issue but what's causing it? A couple months ago I noticed when I would turn the ignition on, the airbag light would come on for about 10 seconds and disappear. Now my door locks are randomly locking a d unlocking and my hazard lights came on and went off while I was driving! All this happened today without any issues prior to this afternoon...