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I disconnected battery, but then drove approx. 150 miles in city and highway traffic. Car won't pass readiness inspection for CA smog test. Fuel is at 1/2 tank. How do I get the car to display the ODBC codes? Thanks.
2010 Nissan Frontier 2wd. When I come to a stop, I can feel it jerking. When I go to pull out onto the road, it jerks as well. It isn't a problem with the u-joints or anything with the brakes.
2010 Nissan Frontier 2wd. When I come to a stop, I can feel it jerking. When I go to pull out onto the road, it jerks as well. It isn't a problem with the u-joints or anything with the brakes.
started up drove severa'll hundred yards stalled out and now turns over but wont start
new battery cap rotor cables
my 2000 frontier runs good one minute and it seems after it gets warmed up it runs rough and stalls. I have replaced the distributor, knock sensor and massive air flow sensor. I noticed that a wiring harness had falle...
This is real obvious when I back it does'nt seem to be exhaust and I can't find anything that is overheating
Battery and.fuses. are good why it won't. turnover
checked the fuses, the stop switch, and the bulbs...everything looks good..still no brake lights
when you lock the doors the horn doesn't beep like it should and I notice the same fuse must control the radiator fan to the engine fan works but the fan that cools the radiator doesn't
This has bee happening for a couple of months, thought is was throw out bearing, had new clutch kit from everything nissan put in the truck a couple of days ago and it still does the same thing when I depress and rele...
installed new starter,new battery,new ignition switch,and checked all fuses,changed out battery terminals, motor not locked what other steps can I take
The reverse wuz Woking but it kids nda hessetede but now it fells like is in neutral
The problem started when my factory battery was shot and I had to jump start my truck to go and buy a new battery from the auto parts store. I believe I blew the relay, which one is it?
It seems that every time I park my Frontier in direct sunlight, or after it's been driven and the engine heats to normal temps, when I attempt to start it, 50 percent of the time, I will get a click. As if it were goi...
installed new ignition switch,all,fuses working fine, motor not locked up. all lights and horn ,radio,and others working with the exception of the dash lights they do not work.what should we do?
Just replaced heads on my 04 nissan frontier fired it up and both sides are ticking pulled passenger side valve cover and there is plenty of oil coming out any help would be great
Ok so I got the big boy Frontier crew cab XE V6 4X4 with sport package and all. Except the supercharged( for mileage reasons). I bought it with 7 miles and have 273,000 now. So that's a little history. I was s...
The brake lights stay on all the time. Is there a schematic I can refer to?
After engine and Transmission is warm, when Stopped at a Red Light, Transmission has a Very Slight Delay,, and then jerk's on Takeoff. Seem's like the Transmission disengage's while stopped, and then take's moment to...
I just had the heads done and now I can't get oil up to them. when I start the truck it sounds like the valves are going to explode. I pulled the valve covers and there's a very small amount of oil going to the heads....
when we swith the heater and the lights the bakkie will start to jerk one a day
Was popping out of first now it won't go in but all other gears are fine.
It helps if I park with wheels turned to the right. It sticks more in colder weather (under 60 degrees).
Where can I get a replacement connector to splice into line?
starts and idles started doing it 8 miles after filling up with gas.i added a bottle of heat to the tank and replaced the dist cap and rotor did not help the problem.
My buddy drove my truck. He parked it, got a hair cut, came out, and it was dead. A jump didn't work, and it had to be towed home. It has gas. I've replaced the battery, cable terminals, distributor cap and rotor ...