Noise starts at ~2100 RPMs and increase pitch after 2800 RPM noise quiets. there are days when there is no sound. I removed the serpentine belt and the noise is gone. Thoughts??

abs and brake light staying on and I bleed system and changed master cylinder

Replaced head gaskets and timing belt,water pump ,distributor ,plugs and wires

When I drive the truck I lose power shortly after and if I continue to drive I start to loose the clutch. When it cools off it runs fine again until it warms up.I changed out the thermostat and the fans working. I do not know what to check next.

It's gettin fire and fuel.

I had someone replace timing belt and now I have had to put in the shop now 3 times back once it sounded totally out of time second time noticed oil leak from the oil pan and antifreeze drops on motor what the hell did this guy do and now to get it fixed now he wants almost 4000. he has done nothing but create more issues is there a normal procedure followed when a timing belt breaks

I marked the Old and New distributors with reference points/marks so that the new one would go back the same way and position that the Old one came out. It started before I replaced it with a new one but, the truck won't start now. Can anyone help me with this problem.

Have pics. I thought the drive sounded just a tiny bit off then next day drove 50 miles and when came to slow drive I could hear metal rub on and off. Then more so after stop to look at it. More when turn left but getting worse and perhaps cause it's getting colder at night
Maybe I dried things out when washed truck and sprayed inner wheels

Replaced Battery, then Starter. Truck ran fine for 2 weeks, but then stared the same problem today.

No engine codes

first time i encountered this problem
Im wondering if there is a starter fuse or something. is checked the fuses in the glovebox that are listed as IGN (Ignition) they all were OK

No signal in coil and injectors of the engine...the security system NATS working well....what is the problem could please

the battery shorted out in my truck 4clyn automatic after changing the battery the airbag light was flashing wasn't doing this prior to battery. Everything else has returned to normal fuction mileage is 106k

I even got brand new battery and still won't start without a jump same day battery was put on, but if it warms up over 55° a day or so later it will start right up with no problem

if it is a chain does it need to be changed.

3.3 supercharged vgee

Stopped blowing air so I unplugged the blower motor resistor to go and replace. When I started truck to go get the part the blower worked. Only blows periodically for the last month or so. Has only blown on HIGH for years.