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Dealer said this is normal for this engine 4.0L Auto.I have to disagree.

No oil in my coolant can't find where it's going

when I relaced passenger side sensor check engine lite went out later same day lite came back on reading p0134 obd2 code

when opening and closing the drivers side front door, it tends to drop down a little and does not close smoothly. Can this be adjusted out?

Quick pumps on pedal causes it on forward motion. XE Desert Runner, A/T. Turning on and off clears lite, until the next time backing.

It has plenty of battery power and jumping doesn't work. Solenoid???

does any one know any tips or tricks to fix 98 frontier instrament cluster reading 999999 and no gauges


I want to open the door without them activating, also would like to bypass the timer on the cargo lamp

the place as suggested. have replaced cat. convert, oxygen sensor and knock sensor as indicated by smog test. need to know what is the specific drive cycle for this vehicle so engine will reset to pass smog.

engine light is not on

can't find the petcock for draining my radiator

can't seem to find the petcock for draining this truck


Truck is idleing ruff and accelerates ruff leading me to believe pcv valve is clogged!

Also has anyone ever use addative to stop oil leaks, if so what kind

nose dive into a dip

It has 180,000 miles and is an automatic trans. I changed the fluid in it about 40,000 miles ago but not the screen. It shifts through the all the gears by the time I reach 40 mph. It starts to shake a little until I pick up enough speed to bring the RPM up. It seems to do okay after that. It does fine when I dont have overdrive on. I dont know if it needs fluid and screen changed. It may be a switch are an external problem I was told. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

Tried installing aftermarket radio and I sure i have the wiring right but for some reason the Radio fuse under the hood keeps breaking. I am not sure what is causing this but any help would be appreciated.

im going from 4.64 to 4.9 ratio, i have lift kit with 35x12.5x15's and needed to get speed-o and odo back in range. ive found all bearings and seals for pinon and diff and spacer as well as bearing adjuster and im not sure i will need shim kit for this model. i have the H433B rear axle diff w/o lsd.

I've changed plugs, oil, air filter

the drivers seat belt would not extend out. I was able to get it to extend out but it now won' retract. I need to know how to replace the belt.

never stalls warm

this usually happens when the truck has been sitting over night, once it has warmed up, it goes away.

my alternator was over chargin went i step on gas pedal was ready battery and brake and the volts on the battery was going up I disconect the battery and now wont start and my driver side window it wont work

Truck died while at stop light. No spark to plugs and didn't have power on any wire I tested. I have checked fuses and replaced all relays.

I got all fluids changed at 30,000 mi. now the trans doesn't kick down fast enough. When I stop then start the trans isn't in 1st gear.

How do I get to this part they told me the air conditioner would run better.

its got no spark and we believe this is the problem any help would be appreciated...

The casket seal parts cost was 27.77