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I have great difficultly shifting out of Park in cold/wet weather only,it's easy shifting gear out of Park when warm,shifter is on steering column what can the problem be and what is needed to repair?
it was running fine for two days i just replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, and the sending unit. And as i was going down the road it just shut its self off and it will not start.
I have been haveing problems with my truck making a rattling sound as I take off. I just thought it was my exhaust but about two days ago I have been getting a winding/whining sound from my driver side front tire. I...
I have pulled my glove box out and what do I do next to get to heater core.
I have an estimate from adealer of $ 800 to replace teh distributor withe a reman part is this accurate?
What is the valve adjustment on the 1998 Nissan frontier 4 cyl pickup. Intake and exaust valves. And the sequence of adjustment.
this is an intermitent problem.while driving the instrument panel gauges will suddenly stop working for awhile then start again.sometimes they don't start working until the engine has been turned off for a couple of m...
while driving the dash lights for the airbag and the seatbelt started flashing.When I tried starting later the battery was a jump and truck ran fine for a day then done it again.What would cause this?
If I had a truck and it will still start but idles rough and blowing smoke out the tailpipe, the engine light is on and a friend (ex mechanic) thinks I seized up the engine due to bad oil (been a while since I had it ...
I have a 5 speed manual transmission an it won't go into first gear but all other gears work fine an i can drive it!! when i push the shifter all the way back it seems to partly go in but when i leave out on the clutc...
new water pump new radiator new thermostat
Overdrive is always on, the dash light works but the button on the shifter is not. Also, when 4 wheel drive is engaged, no lights show up on the dash. 4 wheel drive is working when engaged just not notifying me on the...
where is it located and how difficult is it to replace. fan motor runs
My transmission will not go into reverse. It thinks every gear is a forward gear, except Reverse, which does nothing. It is an auto trans. Does anyone know a solution?
I was woundering if someone could give me a basic step by step including what type and sizes of tools needed to remove and replace the power steering box on a 2004 Nissan Frontier with a 4 cylinder, 4X4? thank you, Ted.
It is getting fire and gas-Do you think it could be in the security?
The front pulley on the bottom of the engine block is spinning true the one behind it is wiggleling, I can hear the belt making noise only when give it gas i can hear it. It isn't constant but i can her it and see it ...
ABS light came on shortly after that brake light on there not blinking just on
how long does it take to replace the steering gearbox?
My 2004 Nissan Frontier is Jerking or kicking off everytime i accelerate from stop. What is the possible problem of my car.
Does the exhaust manifolds have to be removed to access the oil pan on this vehicle?
Is it possible to put an '06 transmission in the '04 Nissan Frontier?
My Nissan Frontier 98 been leaking oil from steering gear box off and on for the last two years. but now it is leaking more, Is this a problem with the high pressure hose or something else? In last two years I have ad...
Newly overhaul engine.My concern is the exact valve clearance/settings for intake and exhaust valve for QD32 engine model.I brought this car 9 yrs ago here in the Philippines.Thanks a lot for your help.
I cannot see what gear I am in at night
I thought it was bad gas but after changing fuel filter and putting stuff in fuel it hasn't helped. It runs but likes cuts out and runs real rough. The check engine light IS NOT ON! HELP
the check engine light comes on and then sometimes the check engine light begins flashing. the engine is running rough.
My truck sputters like it can't breath and goes dead. I can be driving down the road or sitting at a redlight and the truck acts as if it's choking and then it goes dead and i can't get the engine to start. It's like ...
wwhere is the pcv valve located on a 2000 nissan frontier 4 cylinder pickup