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My truck is making a tapping sound like the LIFTERS are tapping but it doesn't have LIFTERS
My truck making a tapping sound like the LIFTERS are tapping but it doesn't come with LIFTERS
Sometimes when im sitting at a traffic light i will start smelling gas
After a couple of days of sitting up, it will move and go in gear as if nothing is wrong.Some people say that it is my transmission but don't understand why it's moving and then it stops.
I've checked the hoses from the heater control valve and both ends are hot. Coolant levels are fine and trucks temp is in normal operating range. What could cause this?
how much cost to repair the front differential leaking?
All of the fuses at the glove box are good and there is no information about the relays and fuses behind the battery at the fire wall. Not sure which relay/fuse I should be looking for.
I had got into an accident in 2013 on a snowday. I ran over stack centerblock that was covered by snow and it tore the splash plate off in misaligned the bumber. Later I had discovered that my radiator was cracked and...
My front wheel stablizer bar within 3 mths of already fixing issue has bent again and same brackett is loose on the passenger side. When I make left u turns it makes a rubbing noise as if two metal objects are twistin...
Was using ac this morning going to work and the fan just stopped blowing air. The a\c is on and I feel faint cold air coming out of the vents but no fan at all. Thanks, Don
it mainly acts up in the morning or when cooler outside
I recently had my air bag sensor replaced and since then my heater control valve has gone out. is it possible that the mechanic broke it during installition of the air bag sensor?
Will the check engine light go off on it's own if I correct the problem?
No lights or codes on comes to indicate any problems. Very frustrating!!!
i also get a message about a message in the message center about a slip.
Just bought a used '07 Armada and noticed the wet floorboard. Also, the TPS light is on even though all tires are inflated at 38 psi. Is it possible the sensor is bad?
I just changed my blower motor resistor for the front and now I have AC/Heat again but the heat does not blow in the rear but AC doest. Any suggestions?
My Armada is hard to get in gear.
smoke comes out mostly when starting car, but still comes out while driving