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Just need a estimated total cost for a rear brake job
Had alignment and tires rotated, balanced and proper tire pressure and after the tire rotation my armada pulls to the left
I am having a false check engine light come on indicating a problem with the catalytic converter. Spent $1,500 replacing the exhaust heads and converter.
air conditioner filter where is it n ow to replace it/
power window often gets stuck,staying stuck
The problem has just began to occur. What the problem is, is that there is a symbol that looks like an ! mark in the bottom left corner of the dashboard
nisson armada. 2006 5.6l no no injecter check engine.replaced cam sencer and crank.
worked as designed for 4 years then liftgate wouldn't open using key fob or switch on dash. would occasionally open by handle on liftgate. closure still worked. now nothing will cause it to open and closer won't work ...
my service engine soon light has came on, and i would like to know what caused that problem can somebody help me please guys
Service engine light came on a month or two ago. Failed state inspection report indicated both catalytic converters failing. Dealership says that although they replaced the catalytic converters less than 1 year ago, t...
Whenever the truck is started, the air compressor for the leveling system for the rear suspension pumps but does not fill the "bladder" nor does it level the truck. Please advise at
I dont have a diagnostic code I dont think I would get one. My AC Unit in my truck operates only at the highest setting I read from this website ad it informed me that my Heater blower motor resistor was bad. Please i...
My Armada is hard to get in gear.
Live in Florida-Condensation in one of the headlight assemblies will not evaporate. Service Dept said either replace the assembly entirely or take apart and dry it out. Reseal with a sealant and put back in. Are th...
My liftgate suddenly lifts using liftgate door handle, but when is gets fully open, it just drops. Is it the struts or is it some actuator thing?
can this converter cause a need to replace the engine. That is what the dealership explained to us. The converter blew back into the engine causing sensor failure and the need to have the engine replaced.
After 3 years of using my 2006 Armada I noticed vibrations on the steering mostly at low speed of coasting to stop. I brought my Armada to nissan service center and they found out that brake rotor has uneven surface a...
The rear lift gate does not stay up. The Lift gate open/close switch doesn't open the lift gate. The Lift gate release doesn't open the lift gate. When I manually lift up the lift gate, it does not stay up. I believe ...
smoke comes out mostly when starting car, but still comes out while driving
When I turn the ac from defrost back to front vents a clicking noise comes on for just a minute.
when @ a complete stop, car won't shift into park so that i can turn off & release keys. It only will shift into neutral or drive.My service engine light is also on. Not sure if related.
where is cabin air filter located. Is it difficult to change?
ac not working properly
The back door of my Armada started not going up or down when I hit the button. It seemed as if the air pump was bent(not sure how). Now the door goes up, but comes crashing down. How can I repair? Replace air pump?
2006 Nissan Armada with power windows. Front passenger window has stopped working. All other windows are working.
Where/how do i replace the Hepa Filters for the cabin Air?
My battery has died 3 times recently and starts when jumped, but then won't start again after shut off. What could be draining the battery?
Can't seem to be able to get the middle lense cover (above my tailgate) off the back of Armada to replace a light bulb.