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My front wheel stablizer bar within 3 mths of already fixing issue has bent again and same brackett is loose on the passenger side. When I make left u turns it makes a rubbing noise as if two metal objects are twistin...
Was using ac this morning going to work and the fan just stopped blowing air. The a\c is on and I feel faint cold air coming out of the vents but no fan at all. Thanks, Don
it mainly acts up in the morning or when cooler outside
How to regiater tpms id with the maxidas ds708 scanner .so the light will become close.
I have had this problem for a while. The dealer told me it was a blow out door or something to that effect. I can be driving and all of a sudden I hear this tapping noise. It occurs when I stop the engine sometimes...
Step by step instructions and labor time to replace my starter on my 2005 Nissan Armada?
When I start the SUV, it doesn't air up, so it rides awful.
had battery checked twice and it is good. once the car is jumped and restarts it runs fine.
Service engine light is on and it's not the gas cap is the purge valve something I can fix myself or do I have to bring my truck to mechanic
i need to replace the ac resistor. is it the only 4wire connection under glove box next to blower motor? is not where is it located does any one have a pic
the transmission is going bad, can nissan dealership replace it for free
I recently had my air bag sensor replaced and since then my heater control valve has gone out. is it possible that the mechanic broke it during installition of the air bag sensor?
Will the check engine light go off on it's own if I correct the problem?
The power stops and I'd have to re-engage the buttons repeatedly to get it to finish.
want to know the actual location where the fuel temperature sensor A is located so i can replace it,
My breaks just started jerking out of nowhere and it felt like my car was going to die out on the road? What do I do? Help!-(
Two weeks ago the automatic air controller would not go up or down I can turn temp levels up/down but I can not turn it off.
Alarms sounds at random times; day and night. It is the factory alarm.
No lights or codes on comes to indicate any problems. Very frustrating!!!
i also get a message about a message in the message center about a slip.
Just bought a used '07 Armada and noticed the wet floorboard. Also, the TPS light is on even though all tires are inflated at 38 psi. Is it possible the sensor is bad?
I really dont think that they are blown. what should i check?
and want to change the motor oil from regular oil to fully syn oil it is safe to change to fully syn it has 29723 miles
it goes forward but does not want to backup
I just changed my blower motor resistor for the front and now I have AC/Heat again but the heat does not blow in the rear but AC doest. Any suggestions?
My front AC works but the Ac in the ceiling dosent. My brother keep telling me that my rear ac blower is gone is this true..
I have a 2005 Nissan Armada Cruise control problem. When I try to engage the cruise control, the set blinks on and off very fast. I hope someone has seen this before and has a fix. If I find something I will let you k...